Wednesday, October 1, 2014

For a Swap: Tiny Pumpkin Patch

I'm loving the One Tiny Thing swaps I've been doing lately.

This latest one was themed "pumpkins".  For all the OTT swaps, you have to make ONLY one item and it has to be under 4 inches square (and fit the theme).

The minute I saw this swap I knew what I was going to make (but not exactly what I'd do).

Tiny pumpkin patch!

The grass patch is just under 4 inches square.  I cut the fabric at 4 so I knew once I stitched and turned it would come in under (not that I expect my partner to measure, but I like playing by the swap guidelines).

The six pumpkins are needled felted and just so dang CUTE!

Two have sparkly embroidery floss ribs for a bit of pizzazz.  All of them have embroidery floss stems coated in felt glue to give them a bit of form.  Just run the floss up from the bottom (to hide the knot) and then coat the tail in glue.  Let it sit for just a minute then when the glue is still damp you can curl the stems.  Once they're fully dry you can trim them back a bit if they're still too long.

I got an itty bitty pumpkin patch, in my hand!

See, it really is small.  Small and cute and I kind of want to make a whole boatload of baby pumpkins for myself.  They're really EASY to make.  For such an easy craft, they really look good, too.  Sometimes super simple crafts look like just that.  Crafts for kindergarteners.  Needle felting is definitely NOT for kindergarteners.  I stabbed the crap out of my index finger.  Hurt like hell (but I did not shed blood on the patch).

The next OTT swap is Christmas themed.  I'm already thinking about what I want to make (and have one idea).


  1. so adorable! You should write a tutorial :)

    1. I'd love to do tutorials but the lighting in my house (and my photo taking skills) are pathetic. The pics would royally suck.

      That and I feel like a lot of what I do isn't terribly original so there's no NEED for a tutorial.