Wednesday, October 1, 2014

For a Swap: Patches

This one was for the Favorite Country Song patch swap.

I chose "I'm Going to Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home".  A fabulous ditty from 1982.

The song's all about a woman who's pissed at her hubby for spending his paychecks at the bar, so instead of getting in a fight (again) with him she just decides they should remodel their house to be a bar so the hubby can come there instead.

"I'll serve hard-boiled eggs and pretzels, and I won't cook no more."

I got the egg jar image online and just free handed the pretzels.  Super simple but fun.

The next patch was for a Christmas ornament patch swap.


Pretty simple design but i just wanted to show off the cute fabric.

I embroidered around the mittens and then lightly stuffed them to get some texture.  Then a few sequins and beads for the holly berries and that's that.

I didn't show off either of the backs because they're pretty simple.  The kitty patch's back is a winter print but it's white on white (snowflakes if memory serves) so it's very subtle.

For the ornament swap I also had to include a patch kit.  So fabric and trims/baubles.  It had to be wrapped so I wrapped it in fabric and pins.

Both of these are getting mailed out Friday.

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