Thursday, October 23, 2014

For swaps: Dotees and a patch

First up, two dotees.

Patchwork octopus for (what I think is) the last dotee in the "rainbow" series.  This one was for all colors (aka rainbow) so I dipped into the small scrap bin and had some fun.

Yes, there are indeed eight legs there.  Each is different.  The light one there in the middle has cats on it.  In fact, there is a lot of cat fabric on this octopus.

Look at that cute face!

I tried to get the mouth even but after trying it twice I gave up.  Pachwork-topus has a wry, crooked little smile.  He's up to something, you can just bet.

See, more cat fabric on the back.


Next up was the Autumn Dotee.

Aww, dead leaf is sad.

Poor guy.  Don't feel bad.  I LOVE walking through the dead leaves and listening to the tales they tell.  It's one of the most relaxing sounds around.  (when I walk, I like to go into the cemetery and walk through the leaves)

Such a sad face.

I was really hemming and hawing on this dotee.  I couldn't decide what I wanted to make and I was really leaning toward an acorn but then as I was pawing through some scrap fabric (looking for autumn themed prints) and the bag of random stuff I use for dotees and patches I came upon that golden mesh.  Someone had sent it to me as an extra and I never would have guessed I'd use it for this.

It was really simple to make the leaf.  Just layer the mesh between the fabric (right sides together with mesh in between) and sew.  Turn and then top stitch the veins on.  The face could be optional if you just wanted to make plain leaves.  At first I was going to try doing a reverse applique type thing but after a brief experiment I gave up on that.

I LOVE how this leaf turned out.  You can squish it up a bit to get a more curled "crunchy" look.

Oh, and for the record, it is stuffed.  Just super lightly.  I guess you could also just use batting but I wanted a lumpy look for the crispy effect.

Speaking of lumpy (and last but not least) is the October Teesha Patch (note:  the month isn't the theme, it's just a monthly anything goes patch series).

Since it's anything goes, I decided to use this cute fabric my sister just got me.  She scored some super cheap remnants and this fabric was among them.

Really, how dang cute is that spider?

I just embellished him a tiny bit.  He needed some fuzzy feet and wild spider hairs.

I made the patch in the classic Teesha Moore style, where it's stuffed with fiber fill for a lumpy look and your stitching shows on the back.

I have to say, I like the lumpy texture of the classic style but seeing all the stitching on the back still disturbs me.  I just feel like I'm being messy letting all my work show like that.  I can't decide how I feel about the edging.  I like the simplicity of the classic style (where you just sew two pieces of fabric together and then roll the edges over) but I like the neat mitered corners of the way I do them (where you make it more like a quilt with a backing piece of fabric that you wrap around the front like binding).

Making that leaf and the patch made me want to put my free motion foot on my machine and practice with it again.  But I have a lot of regular sewing projects I want to complete first, like a monkey and some finger puppets and that quilt top I started.  (in my defense, I had to stop work on the quilt top when we got our new cat, Murry.  He was up in the spare room where I was planning to lay out the quilt squares before sewing them together into the top--Murry's out in the house now so the room is now mine again so I need to get back to that).

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