Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where do little yellow piggies come from?

Little Amarillo Piggie asks, "where do little yellow piggies come from?"

He is SHOCKED to learn all the facts.

Come on over here, Amarillo.  We need to get a closer look at you.


Right down to the 'tocks!

Amarillo is off to Canada with the pink monster dotee.  He's an ANGEL.  A yellow piggie angel for a swap I hosted where one of my best participants got shafted.  Her partner left her high and dry for TWO dotees (it was a double doll swap).  She said she didn't need an angel but I just couldn't leave her hanging like that.

Here's hoping Amarillo brightens up her day.

What's next?  Well, I have a few swaps but none are assigned yet so I think I need to put some stitch time in on the Fluff Project ghosts and reindeer.  Halloween is closer than I want to admit and I want to have the holiday items mailed off long in advance of the holidays.

But I also got a great free quilt pattern over at the Fat Quarter Shop and I'd love to try it out.  So. . .maybe I'll set a ghost stitching goal and once I meet it reward myself with some quilt making.

Busy busy.

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