Friday, August 29, 2014

For a Swap: Mother Nature Dotee

Super fancy dotee for the win.

The background is all busy in that pic so it's tricky to see where the dotee ends and where the messy background begins.  I just had to get this photographed last night (around 9 p.m.) so I could mail this today with a few other swaps I already showed off.  Now I be all caught up on me swaps.

So. . .the dotee includes that leaf but not the brown stuff.  The brown are the reindeer I have cut out but not sewn up (for the Fluff Project).

Smile for your closeup!

So it's a wee dotee (that does look a bit like a pickle or a big ole phallic stamen, take your pick) inside a fake flower (which originally did have a VERY phallic stamen--so phallic that I made it into a peen on a fuquerie project--yes, I tore apart the fuquerie project to make this dotee).

I was thinking "plants and animals" for the Mother Nature theme so you get some leaf and flower sequins, elephant sequins (which are so effing cute I could poo) and a bee button.

Oh, and a fabulous tail.  It's beaded and tied to the stem of the leaf and includes a fish bead and owl charm.  So I have water, air, insect, land animal, and flora represented.  Mother Nature, beetches!

What am I up to next?

Cutting some fabric.  A lot of fabric.  Into 2.5 inch charms.  I need 150 for a swap and then as many groups of 100 as I want to swap (for the Curious Quilter charm swap coming up).  Cutta-cutta-cutta.

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