Monday, August 4, 2014

Patch and Dotee

I'm splitting my latest finishes up into two posts because one of the items is a major Proud for me, so it deserves its own post.

This post will be shared by a patch and a dotee (as the title forewarns).

Billy Joel song theme patch

For the song I chose Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.  In particular, the line "they got an apartment with deep pile carpet and a couple of paintings from Sears".

Yup, that's just what the patch shows (though it also looks like a funky face, with the paintings as eyes and the sewing line as the mouth).

I used some random low pile faux fur for the "deep pile carpet".

The paintings are two patches sewn onto the muslin wall.

I tried to pick images that were kind of boring, like something you'd find at sears.  And I liked the weird flower named "xylosma".

I used scraps for the frames on the mini patches.  I had a strip about an inch or so wide but not big enough to cover the minis so I sewed two bits together then did the wrap up.  You can't even tell!

The back is wine themed fabric.

Next up, the dotee.

It's for the September Unique Holiday swap.

September 13 is fortune cookie day!

I decided to make two cookies after I saw how small they turned out.  I could have made one bigger cookie but I was feeling lazy and had already cut a few of the smaller size.

I used a drinking glass to make a neat circle.  Then put a bit of stuffing in the center and folded it over.  Top stitch around the curve then fold it onto itself at the middle to make the pinch.  OH, and put the hangers and tails in as you do the top stitching.  I like neat tails/hangers whenever possible).

HAH!  That view cracks me up.  It looks like a creepy fish.

The eyes are little buttons sewn near the fold (which made the mouth).

Rainbow tail!  How can you be so down when you have a rainbow tail?

MISfortune cookie is not amused.

Hey, be happy you're not one of the two I made for the cats.  I made them the same way but didn't add any eyes and added a liberal pinch of catnip to the stuffing.  They were well received.  Gene started trying to rip the ribbon tag off immediately.  He's like that.

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