Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busy, Busy Weekend

Lots to show off in this post.  I was a busy little sewing bee this weekend.

First, I cut 5.5 yards of fabric into fat quarters.  That was all for swaps.

Second, I made a quilt block for a memorial quilt for the family of a woman on the Regretsy forums (who passed away suddenly).  I wasn't personal friends with her (Hermit the Frog/Hooker Monkey) but she did have a lot of personal friends on the site and her posts were always really funny.  Full of monkey gifs and just really fun stuff.  She will be missed.

Of course, lots of monkey images.  She also had a fondness for bacon (so needed some of that).  And in the center I was lucky enough to find an image of a monkey using a computer.  This came from some scrap fabric I've had for a while.  Remember that box of scraps I won about a year ago?  That huge box of scraps and "I Spy Quilts" book?  Yeah, it's from that.  And it was the ONLY monkey image left.  It was right on the cut edge and I was worried it would just fall apart when I washed the fabric (I normally don't pre-wash but for this project it was a must).  So I went out and got a lingerie bag to wash my pre-cut fabric.  I used the trick of pinning the small pieces together with a safety pin.  I took the long strip with the monkey image and folded it over before pinning it, so it wouldn't be able to flop around as much and unravel.  Then I used the gentle setting on my washing machine.  I had very little fraying from any of the fabric.  (oh, and I used a color catcher sheet--love those--but nothing ran).

The green sock monkey fabric is from a fat quarter I've had in my stash for (no exaggerating) years.  It's a Heidi Kenney FQ from Spoonflower.  I paid a premium for it so I was always waiting for the "perfect" project for it.  I'm so happy I had it waiting for me.  This was the perfect project.  And I still have some left over (though it's a bit creased in spots).

Last but not least, I sewed up a mess of fabric bags.  EIGHT to be exact.

Those four are already sold.  Remember that bag I made for a Regretsy swap?  Well it was a hit on the forums and some other folks wanted some.  So I bought some more Star Trek fabric (got it on sale!) JUST to make bags.

Those were $6 each plus $3 domestic shipping.  Not super profitable for anything but that wasn't really my goal.  I just wanted to make back what I paid for the fabric and make a tiny bit for the time it took to make them.  I'll use any "profit" to offset the cost of any charity sewing I do (I'll be sending a box of stuffed toys out next week--got to get cracking on that).

These are left over.  I'm going to save them for now.  There's rumblings there might be a charity sale at the Regretsy forums so these will be great for that.  I still have a yard of each fabric, so I could make 8 more bags (each bag takes a half yard).

Last but not least, I bought myself something super cute and it arrived yesterday (when I was making bags).


How freaking cute is that cactus!!

He comes out of his pot, too (he has great spindly legs!).

I'm so happy I bought him.  I got him from a Regretsy person.  Check out her etsy shop HERE.

It was a great (long) weekend.  I love taking a day off from work just so I can sew.  Now it's time to head over to the post office and mail out a sack of swaps.

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