Thursday, July 25, 2013

Made for a swap: Favorite animal dotee

Drive by posting to show off the dotee I finished last night.


Poorly lit kitty at that.  It was late when I snapped these pics but I didn't want to wait to document her, lest I forget.

Kitty doll made from kitty print fabric.  I love this fabric.  Best part is, I only had to use a square about 5 x 10 ish to make it.  So just a corner off the YARD of this fabric.  I want to hoard this print forever, I love it that much.  I did the "sew on a folded piece" technique (lazy sewing for the win) and the tail was the bit of fabric left after I cut the sewed cat shape out with the pinking shears.  I like the funky free form tail with a few wee eyes peeping out on it.

I made the face to mimic the faces on the printed cats.  Giant eyes and triangle nose.  I did add a wee tiny mouth because a doll without a mouth freaks me out.  The eyes are embroidered on felt then glued on.

I debated adding a collar or bow or something but decided it distracted from the print on the fabric.

Next up?

A pair of twin dotees and (hopefully) a dinosaur dotee.

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