Monday, July 8, 2013

Dotees for Swaps: Cute Stuff!

Time to show off three different dotees that are hitting the mail today.

First up, for the Patchwork Dotee Swap:

Patchwork (or I like to think of it as calico) kitty!

This turned out better than I had hoped.  I knew it wouldn't be that hard to do.  Just make some patchwork fabric then make the doll from it.  Good thing, now I have a new generic dotee template (that gourd shape).  I didn't really pre-plan where the patches went but I was happy white ended up on the face.  That way a pattern wasn't interfering with the face.  The ears are felt (sewn into the seam--so happy they turned out well).  The tail is some cool shiny fabric.  It was a bitch to turn out, but totally worth the effort.  Ribbon for the hanger.

Embroidered nose and mouth with safety eyes.  It wasn't until I finished the face that I realized I had made a quasi Grumpy Cat.  The nose is some of the best free hand embroidery I've done.  I think I do better embroidery when I just relax and let it happen.  Often with fill stitches I try to draw the shape (even if it's simple like a triangle) and then make it all perfect and it never comes out like I want.  Either the stitches aren't close enough or not smooth enough on the edges or just crappy.  This nose had no drawn guideline and it turned out damn good.

Next up is the Summertime Dotee:


Mmmmm, corn dog.  The second pic (blurry as it is) is to show the overall size of the doll and to really see the stick and tail.  The tail is super simple, just a little doggy button on a string.  I figured the stick counted as part of the tail.  The hanger is just some bakery twine.

The corn dog is felt and the ketchup is some cool fuzzy wide style ric rac.  I was going to add a stripe of yellow ric rac for mustard but after I got the ketchup on (it's a combo of stitched and glue--stitched at the top to clean up the frizzed out end, glued down the length) it just felt like too much.

So cute you just want to eat him UP!

I really dig this dotee a LOT.  Since the theme was so open ended I just started thinking about fun aspects of summer.  I was going to make a doll wearing a bikini (or a boy in a speedo) but that was boring.  Then I got to thinking about the things I love about summer and I came up with county fairs and drive in movies and both have my favorite junk food.  CORN DOG!!

Next up (and last but not least) is the Cupcake Dotee:

Two full body shots.  The darker one shows his face better (not so over-exposed) but the lighter photo really shows the color on the bottom.  (both show off the cool bead I bought just for this dotee--it happened to be on the clearance rack for $1.25, which was perfect).

I was going to make a super fancy, beaded out cupcake using just felt as the base fabric but that seemed so boring.  When I was browsing for cupcake pattern ideas (ideas on what the best shapes would be to get the cupcake look) I saw some that were made with felted sweaters.  Hey, I have felted sweaters.  So I cut the cuff off the sweater I've been using lately (I have two sweaters felted but seem to use the one more) and it became the bottom of the cupcake.

Then I went and found the wild wooly fabric I had in my stash and it was perfect for the cupcake top.  Gives it a wild coconut icing look AND looks like hair for the cute face.

(while I was digging through my fuzzy fabrics, I found this funky one that I think I just might have to use to make a soft serve/twisty ice cream cone)

Goofy face is goofy.

I bought a pack of mustache buttons JUST for this dotee.  I figure I'll use the rest for other stuff some where along the line but the idea of a cupcake with a cheesy "trendy" (hell, that trend is over) mustache amused me.

This dotee is cupcaked out.  The hanger is even cupcake.  Cuppy cakey goodness from top to bottom.  Could you just gag!

All three are off to the post office in just a few minutes.  I hope they're all well received.

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