Thursday, March 21, 2013

Progress Report: "Little Portraits"

It was a short class this week.  We had to hit the art store to grab up some different red paint so I could get a better pink color and an ellipse template to help with the "circles" on Priscilla's face.  So that made us about half an hour late.  Then there was a demo on stretching canvas (very informative) that ate up a half an hour at the end so. . .all that to say I only made real progress on one painting.

I'll let Priscilla go first since the changes there aren't as obvious:



You can see the change in the shade of pink.  It's definitely more toward the right shade (than the peachy shade previously there).

The only other change is to the shape of the eye patch.  It's getting closer to the shape I want.

Now for Mr. Roboto:



Dang, that eye looks really creepy now that the pink/red is closer to the accurate shade.  It still needs more work but it's really starting to come together now.

I also added a bit of speckles around the body (some are more obvious than others) and worked the background blending a bit.  I think I'm officially DONE with the background, so I decided to put in a rough version of the antenna.  It's just a little nubbin right now, but it's really going to look cool once it's on there for real.

I also worked the white on the mouth more, too, adding some more white here and there for the highlights.

I'd say Mr. Roboto is just about done.  Just a bit more work on the eye, maybe a few flicks and ticks on the body (I'm not sure how I feel about the stitching--it just looks so out of place right now) and then some real work on the antenna and he's DONE.

The next class sessions starts in April and I'm ready to finish these two portraits and start work on the next two.  But that means I have to get Cylindra finished and then figure out who's going to be the star of the fourth portrait.


  1. too cute! I love your style. I wish I was that creative :)

  2. Mr Roboto scares me! You're tempting me to enroll in painting classes, but I will live vicariously through you as long as possible!

    1. Yeah, Mr. Roboto's eye is a little terrifying right now. I need to tone it down a bit so he'll stop scaring folks!

      Painting is fun. And if you're intimidated by oils, you could always do acrylics or watercolors. (I prefer oil because it dries slow so you can change it around easier)