Monday, March 11, 2013

For a Swap: Lions, Dishes, and Aliens OH MY!

Time to show off three different dotees I finished on Sunday.

First up, the one I teased previously.


(insert space ship flying noises here)

You can't see the charm very well on the tail but it's a moon.

Reserved:  Alien Parking Only!

Close up of the inside of the dome.  Little control panel with buttons.  And if you look REALLY close you can see his little seat belt.  Ok, I didn't really make him an official seat belt but I did wrap a stitch around his waist area so he wouldn't pitch head first into the control panel.  He's quite top heavy.

The body of the ship is felt, the dome is one of those bubbles from a gum machine.  The alien was sent to me by my sister and. . .wait for it. . .he GLOWS IN THE DARK!  Oh yeah.

I'm super psyched by the finished product.  It turned out darn good.  I will say the bottom gathers are a bit rough but since dotee dolls aren't supposed to be perfect I'm ok with it.  If I ever made one of these again (a definite possibility) it would definitely have smoother underside gathers.

Meanwhile. . .back on planet earth. . .

After I finished up the alien I moved on to:


Here is the dish attempting to run away with the spoon.

Crazy kids, so in love!

Clearly these are from the "Hey Diddle Diddle" nursery rhyme.

Dish complete with flower tail.  I scored that as an extra from a different swap.  I love recycling.

And the spoon, looking all sly.

At first the spoon's face irked me but now I kind of like how smirky it looks.

Both are fleece.  They sewed up really easily and I'm very pleased with them.

Last but certainly not least. . .


I made it double sided so I could have a "cowardly" side and a "courageous" side.

Aww, poor lion is scared!

Don't fret, my pet, the Wizard will give your confidence a boost and you'll turn right around.

Ahh, much better.  Confident and courageous.

I used the Ewok pattern for the lion.  It worked great.  I stitched up the body (and forgot to put the hanger in--I hate having to attach them after the fact but the fur hid my sins) then made the cowl from the fake fur (which shed all over the dang place).  Then I stitched the cowl down to the body.  Then I attached the faces (over the fur--I didn't cut face holes in the cowls like the original ewok pattern calls for) after embroidering them.

The tail is just a piece of yarn with a knot at the end and the very tip frayed out to look like hair.  Not super exciting but I wanted it to go with the piece (for once a tail that is useful and not just there for decoration!).

I'm quite pleased with the Lion, too.

So now I'm actually working ahead on my dotees.  Up next is March Unique Holiday.  I have a few ideas I'm thinking of but I'm really leaning toward one particular one.

I also need to find some gingham fabric for the next character in the Oz series, Dorothy.

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  1. Your dotee dolls are fantastic! I especially like the UFO.