Tuesday, March 5, 2013

For a Swap: Easter Dotee (Meet Derpy)

I'm post bombing the blog today.  This is the second post of three for today.  (yes, I could have just piled them all together but I like keeping things categorized so. . .).

SO, this is the dotee I made for the Easter Dotee swap. 

I call him Derpy.  Come on, is that not the perfect name for him? 

While he is derpy, he's also sparkly and fancy.

Show off for the folks, Derpy.

Derpy's back is covered with flower shaped sequins held on with fat seed beads and embellished with some stem stitches.  There are even a few flashy butterflies!

(his tail also has a butterfly sequin).

Derpy himself is a wet felted egg.  He felted up very well and I was pleased with the final result.  I haven't played with wet felting for almost exactly a year.  The last time I played with it was for the Easter Basket of Awesome (yeah, that was a year ago!).

Derpy also has some funky blanket stitch around his mouth and his eyeballs are reversible.  The pupils are slightly smaller on one side than the other (it's hard to see, but that's why there are two pics here).  I love those beads and can't wait to use them more.  I love the very muppet look they give items.

But wait, what's that in your mouth, Derpy?

Open WIDE!

"Ugh, ooof. . ."

"It's about time you let me out.  I was about to pass out in there.  Have you ever heard of breath mints?"

"Sorry, Chicky, I forgot."

"Of course you did."  *sighing*  Now time for me to show you off, you great big fuzzy pudding."

"Uh, Chicky. . ."

"Don't interrupt, Derp.  I'm trying to work my magic here."

"But Chicky. . .uh. . ."

"Shhh."  *clears throat*  "Ladies and Gentlemen. . .boys and girls. . .Chicky Baby entertainment is proud to present. . ."

"Chicky. . .uh. . ."



"Hello?  Is anyone out there?"

"That's what I was trying to tell you, Chicky.  They already saw me."

"What?  WHAT!?  You mean to tell me you just. . .," *covers head with wing and sighs loudly*  "Derpy, Derpy, Derpy.  How many times have we been through this?  Showmanship, showmanship, showmanship."  *signs again*  "What am I going to do with you, Derpy?"

"Go with me to the Netherlands?"

*perks up*  "What's this now?  Take the show on the road?!"  *grabs Derpy and plants a big pecking kiss*  "Derpy, I'm a GENIUS.  We'll take this show on the road!"  *does a hopping dance*  "Ok, let's go get packed, we have a flight to catch."


Yes, Derpy and Chicky Baby are off to the Netherlands.  I hope they really wow the crowds there.


  1. ....LOL! I was wondering what was coming out of its mouth, thats so cute!

    1. This one is totally wacky. I hope the recipient likes it.