Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Kitty Up": Progress Report

Still chugging along on my painting.

This is the "before":

And this is the "after":

Most of the changes are very subtle. Well, except for the eye.  I deliberately put the green in just so this version of the painting would look different.  I'm willing to bet I'll paint over it next week but sometimes I just have to add something just to get a sense that some day the whole piece will be done!  Seeing that green line there on the eye makes me believe I will finish this one!  (ok, I know I will, but it's been a long haul with this painting and finally I'm feeling like the end is near).

I worked mostly on the background last night and you can really see the changes in the bottom (the most).  Looking at it again, I think I want to straighten up the dark stripe a bit.  It's too bent for my liking.  See the problem with the background is, I could work on it for the rest of my life and never consider it "done".  Blending is like that for me.  But I'm willing to say (at least as of this progress report) that the bottom part of th background is very close to done.  I was going to say it is done but. . .I can see it morphing a tiny bit more as I work on Timothy.  Nothing dramatic though.

The only area I consider "done" at this point is Mr. Roboto.  Yes, he'll get tweaks here and there but for the most part he's done.

YES, I found it (I knew I had it, I just didn't have the time or patience to find it last time).

This is the photo I'm working from:

I'm not going for 100% photo realistic, but I do want to keep the overall feel of the photo.  The lights/darks adn all that.  And I definitely want to get Timothy's texture.

Overall I'm still pleased with how this painting is turning out.

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