Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Commission DONE: Meet Biggie Smalls!


I'm not even going to give a big lavish intro.  I'm just going to bomb you with some pics.

Meet Biggie Smalls, the giant squid commission I've been slowly working on for. . .well. . .ever.

It wasn't that he was that hard to make, it was more the buyer was paying in installments (fine with me) so I didn't feel that pressured to whip him out all in one go.  Though I could if need be.  This pattern is really simple, the size being the only real challenge.

I'm so excited about the eyes of all things.  Originally I was going to make fabric ones (perhaps with some embroidery) like I had with the other two (smaller) squid I had made.  Then the buyer mentioned wanting button eyes which (true confession) did have me scowling a bit.  "I don't have the right buttons for that," I griped.  BUT. . .hah, I DID have them.  All squirreled away in my stash was a pair of fabric covered shank buttons I scored from a thrift store.

OH freaking yeah!

They definitely give Biggie Smalls a very cute/sweet look versus the more realistic/freaky look of my other squid. 

The fabrics I selected turned out to be good choices.  I was worried about the yellow.  Would it be "too yellow"?  It wasn't.  It's just the right shade and the polka dots are nice and subtle.

And we all know I adore the fabric I used on the undersides of the tentacles (and belly area).

I've already cut up the scrappy scraps (those weird shaped scraps you get after you cut out a pattern piece) into some 2.5 inch squares (for my scrappy quilt) and a few 5 inch charms (not sure what for but it seemed a good way to use up the larger scraps).  It will be so fun to see those little patches in my finished scrappy quilt and remember when I made Biggie Smalls.

Since I had Biggie outside for his photoshoot, I had to bring out the other two squids for size comparison reasons (and to get some nicer pics of Clyde).

Looks like Violetta is smitten!

(she likes big guys!)

Don't worry, Clyde.  Violetta is loyal to you and only you.  (hey, a gal can flirt, can't she?!)

I'm SO happy to have this big project done and to have it come out so well.  Now here's hoping the buyer is as happy.  (and they don't swallow their tongue when I give them the shipping costs--yeah, it's going to be a big box which means expensive!).

Happy little squid family!

Edited to add:

You can get the pattern (it's measurements to make the pattern yourself) and a tutorial HERE


  1. Oh my goodness, that is awesome!!!! I've been out of town and forgot to check how this was coming along and actually saw your comment on the giveaway post for Lady Face. Lol. I jumped right over. I can't believe how large it is. Absolutely fantastic! :)

  2. Love the squids. Great fabric choices. Are you going to offer the squid pattern for sale. I would definitely buy it, especially with it being more than one sizse. Makes it posible to make a whole family great job.

  3. Oh my.... this is just grand! I would love for you to add this to my link-up!


  4. Stopping by from Mom's Library! That is amazing! I love the little guys too. I think your buyer is going to love it. I wish I had the money to buy one.

    1. You don't need to buy one. You can make one for far less. Just check out the link to the pattern/tutorial I used.

      (really, it's super easy to sew--you could do it!)

  5. Those are awesome! Great job and I love the sushi fabric too - very appropriate.

  6. OMG, you make the most awesomely fun stuff!

  7. I never thought I'd ever say this, but those squid are stinking cute!!! Whoop whoop!!!

  8. great work! I am sooo impressed!

  9. Fantastic! The sushi material is inspired! And I love the pac-man squid, I have some of that material. Giving me food for thought, definitely.

  10. Very cute! I especially like how they are "anatomically correct" with the 2 longer tentacles!

  11. Biggie Smalls turned out wonderfully!

    He looks kind, think it's in his eyes.

    Gheez x