Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Kitty Up" : Progress report

It's Thursday so that means it's time for a painting progress report.

This is where I was when I started class:

And this is where it is now:

It doesn't read on the photo so much, but I did get the pink on the nose and the eyes are finally roughed in.  Lot of work put in on Mr. Roboto's face, putting another layer of color on his mouth and working on the eye (lot of little detail there that doesn't show in this pic.  I even roughed in his antennae (though I bet it will get painted over as I continue to work out the background).  The orange rectangle on Mr. Roboto's chest is also just about ready to be finished with the blue dots.  The shading is looking very good.  The dark gray on the chest is looking a lot better now, too.  It was so flat and driving me crazy then the instructor says, "add some purple" and boom, problem solved.

I also worked the bottom of the background to smooth out that rough shadow under Timothy's hind leg and just work the background in general.  It's going to need a ton more work but it's really heading in the right direction.

Right now Timothy is (overall) looking very flat.  But a lot of his detail will come when I put in the corduroy striping which will be one of the last things I add.  In person you can see his legs are darker than his head, which is how he appears on the photo.

Speaking of, I haven't shown it for a while so. . .

That's the photo I'm working from.  You can really see the whaling on the corduroy which I'm eager to translate onto the painting.  What you can't really see in this version of the photo is all the color in the background.  It's just cardboard but there is so much blue, green, and red in it that it's really starting to become a scene stealer.  This painting is going to be all about the background.

So, as of this progress report I'm very pleased with where this painting is heading.

(but I'm also looking forward to moving on to something new, too).

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