Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FINISHED: Sock monkey commision DONE!

Once again I underestimated how long something would take to do.

BUT. . .

I stuck with it and got it done (even though I was sewing until 11 p.m.--way later than I normally sew).

Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers!

The eyes on this set of monkeys are so much better than the last.  I love them.

The bibs are some of my favorites, too.  This alligator one is super fabulous.  I think the buyer (who bought two of these for his yet to be born twins and the third as a gift) is from Louisana originally so I think he'll get a kick out of the alligators.

The bee and alligator fabrics are from the great haul of leftovers I won in a giveaway (and arrived only hours before I used them!).  The whale fabric is from my stash as was the felt for the eyes (the colored parts were from my scrap bag!).  The socks were bought new for this project but BEFORE my buying ban, so I'm going to consider this whole commission to be items made from my stash (for October Overhauling score keeping).

I'm so glad to have these DONE.  I think I'll reward myself by fussing with my USA scrap map a bit and cutting out some 2.5 inch charms from my scrap bin (in hopes of someday having 100 different charms so I can swap them).

For my own records:

Time start to finish:  12 hours
Total $:  $105 ($35 each)

(for future commissions I think I'm going to charge $40 each for x-large and $35 for large--these take more time than I like to admit.  I can price x-large at $35 only if buying two or more at a time)

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  1. Again, I am impressed. These sock monkeys are adorable. The bibs are such a cute touch. I have to know, where did you get the whale fabric, it's so cute. You have wonderful taste in fabric, as I spied in your Halloween crafts post.

    1. The whale fabric is Urban Zoologies (Robert Kaufman fabrics). I got it as part of a fat quarter bundle from Fat Quarter Shop. The owl print (from that same line) is also really cute. I used it to make bibs for the first set of monkeys from this commission.

  2. cute monkeys! Congrats on a finish!

  3. I love them. I need to try to make some.

  4. These are so cute! Especially the bibs. I love sock monkeys! I even have one of mine in my header. But I agree, they take way longer to make than you expect.

  5. How Cute! I love sock monkeys. I may have to make another one just for myself. ;)

  6. I love the though of bibs on sock monkeys! I have a sock monkey skeleton that I get out every year at halloween. They're too cute!

  7. These are so cute! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF. :)