Friday, May 19, 2017

Quilt Finish!!

Finished a quilt. . .yes I did.

Ok, it was only a baby/crib sized quilt but it's still a quilt and it was a gift and everyone ooohhhh and aaaahhh'd over it and I totally got a buzz off the attention.  See, I don't lie here.  I like making things for folks when I know they'll really give me what I want, which is attention (just a moment of "ooh, it's so nice. .. you made it!")

Once again, my lack of photography skills rears its ugly head.  RAWR.

I used THIS pattern and it was very easy.  I used Ed Emberley fabric (as they did in the pattern) with the exception of one blender print and the border fabric.  For the borders I used a white on white with a non-directional pattern.

The backing was just the elephant print (the baby's theme was gray and elephants) and did super simple in the ditch quilting around every other block (with neutral colored thread).  The binding was wrap around style so the elephants would be on the front and because I just didn't feel that a hand stitched binding would be tough enough for a baby quilt, which know will get washed a TON.

Of course, I needed supervision.  Feline supervision.

So, Feline Inspector Number One, does it meet with your approval?

*Gene is not amused by my sarcastic tone*

"Well, it does stand up to vigorous rolling but the real test will be. . ."

Looks like it's a winner.

"Do you mind. . .I'm trying to rest."

And that is why the quilt had to be washed before I gifted it.  Well, that and I wanted to make sure the colors didn't bleed and that it would just survive the wash.  It survived and looked even better once it had that rumpled look.  I like that look (which is good because I hate pre-washing anything!).

I did try to piece the batting on this quilt and it was a big ole fail.  I think that's something I should try with a "for home" quilt and it might work but this was not the project for experimenting.

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  1. I was just thinking of your quilt projects the other day. I agree with Gene--this is a winner! (And I am a fan of the wrinkly-washed look of quilts,too. They seem more homey).