Monday, June 19, 2017

Gone to the. . .rhinos?

Yes, rhino.

A co-worker hit me up to make something for a charity event she was doing (to benefit a rhino sanctuary).  She wanted a chameleon (she'd seen them before. . .yes, I like to show off stuff at work, I'm so vain) but I had a memory of Jodie (Ric-Rac) having a rhino pattern.

I was right, she did but she didn't have the one I remembered (it was YEARS ago) up in her shop.  So I emailed her and she hooked me up with her Dozer pattern because she's a super nice woman.  (she's also the maker of the chameleon pattern. . .her stuff is so wonderful).

So I whipped up a Dozer for the rhino charity.

(side bar:  how many times have I typed 'rhino' incorrectly. . .almost every time so far. . .what is that about?  some words just will not be typed properly. . .but I digress)

Rhino and chameleon in a race to see who's cuter.  PHOTO FINISH!

The winner is. . .

EUGENE!  Photobombs always win.  He's looking all scowly, too, which I know darn well is not how he is.  He's an epic dude bro with a very pleasant disposition.  But he is a cat so he is naturally given to stank face.

Hmm, now that I'm typing this up I realize I didn't ask my co-worker how her event planning is going (I think it happens at the end of the month. . .I'm not planning to attend, making something for one of the raffle baskets gets me out of having to actually GO, which pleases me immensely.)

I've been up to other shenanigans, too.  Let me just type those posts up now.  Give me a sec.

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