Monday, June 19, 2017

Fluff Project Update (and what I'm taking to the Fair!)



Yup, the latest Fluff Project offerings are done and they are bacon and. . .

eggs, of course.

What's that there in the lower left corner?  Is that. . .yes, it does appear to have to yolks. . .DOUBLE YOLKER, y'all!

That special egg is off to the fair!

Yes, I'm entering stuff in the Big Butler Fair this year.  Why?  Well, because my sister is.  No, we're not competing against each other.  She's all about the baked goods (holy crap, the family gets to taste the practice items and there's a whole lot of yum going on there).  But since she was entering she was all "ooh, do it too!" and I was all "yeah, peer pressure!" so I did.  Well, am doing.  I don't have to take them over until the end of the month.

Bacon and egg here are being entered under the "doll" category.  The description of what they consider a "doll" was a bit lacking.  They had "traditional" and "art" (I think that was the second category).  The only other stuffed toy/plush toy (or stuffie/plushie since internet culture has to have everything all "ie" or "y" to be cutesy at all costs *eyeroll*) was specifically "stuffed animal" so. . .bacon and egg here ended up in the "doll" category.  I'm entering the "stuffed animal" category too.  Going to whip up a chameleon (have a mess cut, just have to finish some and pic out the absolute best for the fair).

It's kind of silly how much I want to win a ribbon.  I haven't won a ribbon since I was in 4-H.  I don't even care if it's first prize.  Participation works for me.  You know I'm totally going to start calling myself an Award Winning Sewist.  HAH!  That's so funny.  I crack me up.

Ooh, I could also win prize money.  I think the grand prize for each category is. . .wait for it. . .$4!  (but there's no entry fee so. . .)  You know if I win I'm going to retire. . .kidding.  I'm going to get an elephant ear and eat the hell out of it.  Mmmm, elephant ear.  And I love how there's always that one super sugar drunk wasp all crooked flying around the table where they keep the shakers of sugar.  I want to be that wasp, drunk on sugar and tripping because I won a participation ribbon.


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