Thursday, June 25, 2015

For a Swap: Adventure Time Swag

I loved this swap so much.  It was "craft your fandom" where you had to make three items (your choice) from your partner's chosen fandom.

I got lucky in two regards.  One, I got Suzanne who I love making things for (and getting things from) and she picked Adventure Time.  Originally she had listed "Lost" but she changed it before the swap closed.  I could have pulled off "Lost" but it wouldn't have been as easy as Adventure Time.  Granted, I've never watched even a second of Adventure Time (still haven't even after this) but I know (in a roundabout way) what it is and all that.  And, for crafting purposes, it's easy to do.  It's very 2D in its look which makes it easier to craft.  And there are a buttload of characters to pick from (bonus!).

That there is the whole shebang (and my cluttered ass work area--I have craft ADD and like a bit of mess around me when I'm working--same with my desk at work, too.  Piles are comforting!)

We had to make three items that took at least an hour each to make (so no slap dash junk).  Our partner couldn't chime in with their favorite character or request any particular thing.  Well, unless you were stumped and needed some help (because the fandom just wouldn't give you any ideas).

I decided to make a fabric shopping bag as an extra item mostly because I had a Joanne Fabric's coupon so the fabric was a steal.  And it's cute as hell (and those bags are so sinfully easy my lazy butt was all about it).

The other items took a bit longer to do.

Peppermint butler paper mache box, snail pin, and Shelby stuffie.

The box took the longest only because I had to put a ton of coats of paint on it.  Ok, not TONS but quite a few so that damn paper mache wouldn't show through.  But it was acrylic paint so it dried fast enough (but I had to stash the box in a cupboard so my cats wouldn't get up on the table and neb at it and get hair all stuck in the paint--that was really my biggest concern).

The white and blue are acrylic paint.  The red and black are oil based paint pens which made the whole process SO much easier.  Paint pens for the WIN!

Snail pin (in felt).

This was so easy once I just sat down to do it.  I just got an image from a google search and cut out each color section (body and shell) then added the embroidery to each part.  Sew a safety pin to the back of the backing felt, then glue the snail parts down to the backing.  No joke, this really did take only slightly longer than an hour.  I was doubly lucky because I had just the right colors in my stash (and the pin).  (I used single strand floss for the embroidery since this is a small piece)

I've had Shelby done FOREVER.  I whipped him up almost immediately after partners were assigned and I knew I was doing Adventure Time.  I just googled it to get pics of different characters (beyond the boy and the dog and the rainbow unicorn and that cloud that you see everywhere on all the merchandise).  The minute I saw Shelby I knew I was making a stuffie of him.  WITH his priest collar.

I was tempted to make him with a removable butt/brother but I didn't feel like I could make the arms/legs on the butt/brother come out right.  But I do love that Shelby got his butt cut off and it came to life.  That's my kind of humor right there.

Shelby is made from felt with a pipe cleaner inside the stuffing so he's mildly bendable (meaning he's still smooshy and you can't curl him up super tight).  His priest collar is embroidered onto his body ring (what is that called on an earthworm. . .hold on, I'm going to google it. . .clitellum, it's a clitellum and it's used to make mucous that protects eggs. . .gross but fascinating and it's not lost on me that "clit" is in the name of this reproductive organ, just saying).

I got an itty bitty Shelby, in my hand.  I got an itty, bitty Shelby, in my hand.  I got an itty, bitty Shelby, in my hand.  I got a Shelby in my hand!

I'm mailing this whole lot out tomorrow (because it looks raining right now and I don't want to deal with that) before I begin my VACATION.  Oh yeah, week of vacation.  Time to get my beach on.  Oh, and I have a new phone with a greatly improved camera so maybe. . .just maybe. . .my pics won't be quite as craptacular.  Know what that means?  I might just do a TUTORIAL. . .yeah, I got that stuck in my craw and I've wanted to do one for a while now but the "crappy pics" thing was really a deal breaker but now that's resolved so. . .yeah, when I'm back from vacation I think I'm going to work up a tutorial for the bacon and egg stuffies I made for the Fluff Project.  How's that grab you?

Ok, I'm done.

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