Monday, June 8, 2015

For a Swap: QUILT (yes, a freaking quilt!)


I finally finished an entire quilt.  A REAL quilt, not some little decorative wall hanging dealie (made one of those before for a swap).  This is a real cover-yo-ass-sized quilt.

Ok, it's lap sized but still that's a "real" functional quilt and I'm pleased with my fancy self, oh yes I am.

Then I made my long suffering spouse go outside (in his pajamas--he was acting like going outside in a state of frumpy dress was out of character for him, the man who went out to help catch a neighbor's cat wearing only his underwear and a pair of shoes OR the time he was on the roof in just underwear and a t-shirt, cleaning the gutters in the rain. . .yeah, going outside in his pj bottoms and a t-shirt was a chore *eyeroll*) and hold the quilt so I could get all paparazzi on it

Did I mention I use my craptacular phone (and lack of skills) to take pics?  Can't you tell?

(look at hubs holding the quilt all dainty with just his fingertips--he knows I'm all crazy and have and will check the cleanliness of hands before they handle things, I've done it to him before, not that I think he's dirty but. . .well, sometimes he's dirty)

See, see!  That is a real sized quilt right there, folks.  A real sized quilt that I'M GOING TO TRADE.  Yes, my first "official" quilt isn't even going to be kept.  That's how I roll!

(oh and it looks super crooked in the photo but it's not that crooked at all--the wind was blowing it that's why it's really warped on the bottom edge)

I used this quilt as a bit of an excuse to buy some fabric.  I didn't have yardage to make long enough strips (we had to use the quilt as you go method demonstrated in one of the Missouri Quilt Co tutorials and our finished product had to be 36 x 48 before binding or if you did a border) so I had to get some.  So I decided to get some of the Cotton and Steel prints I liked so I could have the scraps for later.

Let me tell you, I didn't end up with much scrappage on the backing fabric.  And I thought I was rounding up a lot when I bought it but it was JUST enough (I had about an inch or so of usable scrap after I used some for the binding.

Then, after I had my fabric all purchased I realized the batting I was planning to use was too small.  It was the "craft" sized warm and natural pre-packaged stuff and I needed the "baby quilt" size.  *headdesk*  So I had to hit the ole amazon to get that (and I got a twin sized package and a pack of the super awesome clover clips which made binding this bad boy so much easier).

Speaking of binding, I failed at trying to totally bind it by machine.  Putting the first side on with machine was a breeze (did machine on the front side so it would look super crisp and tidy) but when I tried to machine the binding on the back. . .*sadtrombone*.  I had only done a little bit so I ripped it out and did the back binding by hand.  Which I kind of failed at again because I didn't realize you should use a ladder stitch for it (to make it neater) and I did a whip stitch.  It's a neat and clean whip stitch but in using a whip stitch I did get a tiny bit of a seam ridge.  Not ugly, but still there.  Personally I don't mind it (it's not distracting since I used neutral thread and did small stitches) but I guess technically it's "wrong".  BUT. . .I'm not being graded on right and wrong and technical skill.  The swap was just to make a quilt using the tutorial (in the size listed).  And I think my quilt turned out very well.  If someone sent me this quilt, I'd be super happy (especially with all the cotton and steel fabric).

Now I'm all excited to make another quilt.  I have two tops finished and padding big enough to use on either of them.  I think I'm going to hustle my butt to take this top:

and finish it.

I want to finish it in time to put it in the "pets on quilts" show over at Lily Pad Quilting.  The jelly roll I used for it I won in last year's contest (when Eugene and Ollie were on that little wall hanging cat themed quilt) and since Ollie died it would be super sweet to submit a pic of Eugene and Murray sitting on the quilt I made from the fabric Ollie helped me win.  I've already started referring to this quilt top as the Olive Green Memorial Quilt.  I think I want to make the back out of miscellaneous cat fabrics from my cat fabric stash.  Just need to get moving on it!

What else am I up to?

I have a ninni doll I'm finishing up for a swap (have it sewn, just need to stuff and embellish) and I need to finish up the "craft the fandom" swap (I have two items done, one in progress, and another in the wings) and make a patch (but that swap hasn't assigned yet so it's at the bottom of the to do list).


  1. Yay! That is absolutely fabu-gorgeous! What type of quilting did you do for it? Stitch-in-the ditch, free motion or something else? I couldn't tell from the picture (crappy screen on my end). I do think the "pinkies out" dainty hold on the quilt adds a nice touch.

    1. It's a quilt as you go method (Missouri Quilt Co tutorial on youtube), so the only quilting is when you sew the strips down. So you layer (back, pad, strip) and then sew the strip down (along top edge) and then attach the next strip to the bottom of the previous (right sides together) then flip it down, press, and attach the next strip to the bottom. Lather, rinse, repeat until you get the size you want.

      SUPER easy. You could do more quilting if you wanted, but for this swap it was just to keep it easy.