Thursday, June 18, 2015

For Swaps: Patch and Ninni

Showing off two swap items.

First up a patch (we do a monthly swap, this is June's offering).  You can make whatever you want for these swaps, so I just went with "texture" as my theme.  I really wanted to work with some fabrics I don't normally use for patches, so I chose fleece for the front and this semi-loose weave (almost burlap but not that loose) fabric for the back.

Then I just embellished it kind of randomly.

I have these felted balls in my stash so I added some seed beads to them (texture!) then after I did that I kind of got an outerspace vibe so. . .

This is kind of like a comet with some texture-tastic beads as a tail.

And this is like a little solar system.  Just some embroidered circles with beads at different spots (different sizes and one is bumpy. . .texture!).

The back just because I always show the back (the ruler's not their to show size, I just needed something to prop the patch up to take this crappy photo).

Next up is another Ninni.

I call him Bun-ninni.

The swap was "Ninni's gone animalistic" and the challenge was to take the ninni pattern and make your partner's choice of animal.  My partner wanted either a cat, dog, chimp, or rabbit.  Rabbit was the perfect mix of "easy" and fun.  (cat was too easy, dog bored me, and chimp was more of a challenge than I wanted--I wanted a quick and fun project for this one).

Look at that FACE!.

Felt features, embroidered mouth and floss whiskers.  Super simple but effective.

Of course, just changing the ears, slapping a bunny face (and tail, we'll see that in a minute) was TOO simple, so I had to add toes.

Felt hand pads with little stitched toes.

There's the tail!

And little feet on the back, too.

I was tempted to just glue the features on (especially the foot pads) but I wanted those suckers to really be on there so stitching it was.

I'm very pleased with both offerings.

Next up (probably show it off next week) is another swap, Research and Craft My Fandom.  It's all turning out REALLY well.  I just have to wrap up the second element and then make the third (have it planned, just have to execute).  Then get that bad boy in the mail by the end of the week (before my vacation).

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  1. It's great to read about the making of this patch, I love it. Thanks!