Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dotees for a Swap: Twins!

Brace yourself, I'm bombing my blog today.  I got so much stuff done over the weekend that it's time to share it all with you.

I had to make a stand alone post for this first set of dotee dolls.  These were made for a swap (of course) with the them of "twins".

Meet Imogene and Shirley.

Aren't they just fabulous!

They were inspired by Grey Gardens.  So think elder twin socialites who are just a wee bit nuts.

Imogene is, in a word, FABULOUS.  She rarely leaves the familial mansion, but when she does she's never without her fur wrap, tiara, and full face of makeup.

Her face is just drawn on with fabric markers but I really like how  it turned out.  The body fabric is tea dyed fabric from the 12 pound fabric scrap box.  Remember all that light celery green colored fabric?  Well, I tea dyed it and now it looks MUCH better.

Her hair is from a scarf I bought at the thrift store for one dollar.  It's it fabulous!  I was going to felt it but then decided that would make the fringe too corded and it would reduce the fuzziness of the fabric.

Her fur shawl is fully lined with hot pink polka dot cotton.  Her dress is a bit of fabric I got in a swap.  The button is a vintage shank button I got from Weezie's Cove (aka The Best Thrift Store in Erie, Pa).  The tail is made from some beads I received as an extra in a swap.

Next up is Shirley.

Shirley is quite the opposite of her fabulous sister.  In fact, she's rather understated, bordering on frumpy.  Like her sister, she rarely leaves the familial mansion but when she does she's never without her beloved fairy doll.

Again, the face is hand drawn.  Very similar to Imogene's but a little different.  They aren't identical twins.  No makeup.  Shirley hates it.

Shirley's hair is also from the same sweater.  Her babushka is a bit of lace.

Her dress is also a bit of fabric I got in a swap.  The flower bead on her tail is also a bonus I got in a swap.  So is the little fairy doll.  The fairy doll came all the way from Australia.

I absolutely LOVE these dolls.  I can hardly wait for them to arrive at their new home.  If memory serves, they're only going to Vermont so I'm hoping to get some feedback on them in about a week.  I just can't imagine the recipient wouldn't love them.

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