Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dotee for a swap (replacement): Patchwork Dotee

Aww, sad news.  My original patchwork dotee (that cute kitty) was lost in the mail.  Oh no, stray kitty on the loose!  So I had to make a new patchwork dotee to make good on the swap.

Enter, this dapper gent.

He's just out for a walk with his canine companion.

Look out!  Your puppy is behind you!!

This was a super simple design for the body but I like it.  I like the fabric combo.  I think all the fabrics are organics, too.  The ribbon is some I got as an extra in a swap.  The bead is from my bargain bead bag.  I was worried the tail/bead looked dumb, but adding more beads took away from the "dog on a leash" look I was going for.

I'm happy with how this one turned out.  It's sad that the original kitty was lost but this dapper fellow should make up for it.

Here's hoping he arrives safely.

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