Thursday, August 15, 2013

Charity Sewing: Work in Progress

First up, we need a link to this month's charity sewing project over a Hopeful Threads.  This month it's a Back to School theme.  Read all about it HERE.

So, the goal is to make some pencil pouches.  No problem-o.  I recently learned how to sew in zippers and have made a few pouches before.  Heck, the pouch I'm used to making would work great or a pencil pouch.

AND. . .I had exactly three zippers in my stash.

So that's how I set my goal:  Three handmade pencil pouches stuffed with supplies.

Last night I finally got around to selecting my fabrics.

From left to right:  Kokka fabric with cute animals (some riding buses).  The background is pink so I went with a striped pinky fabric for the lining.  Next:  Kokka fabric with blue cars (on a natural background).  The liner fabric is aqua/blue swirly dots.  Last but not least, punctuation fabric with green lining.  That green matches the green in the outer fabric really well.

The minute I saw pencil cases were our project, I thought of those Kokka fabrics.  I bought them on a lark (probably on a sale) and they've been in my stash for a good while.  It was long past time to get them out and use some of them.  They'll also work well for the outer fabric because they are a cotton/linen blend, so they're a little more sturdy than just cotton (but not rough/inflexible).  For the all cotton pouch, I'm going to try my hand at using medium weight fusible webbing to make it a tiny bit more sturdy.  Wish me luck on THAT.

I also have supplies to stuff each pouch with.  Each pouch will have a pack of pencils, pack of pens, 24 count crayons (crayola--it's all I'll buy), pencil sharpener, large eraser, and glue stick.

I may try to make more pouches, but I'm not making any promises.  My goal is to make JUST these three.  Once that's done, I'd have to get more zippers and I can't guarantee I'll get around to doing that.

SO, the goal is three (stuffed) pouches.  I'm doing my cutting tonight so hopefully I'll have these wrapped up by next week.

What else is on my crafty plate?

Well, I haven't forgotten about the ongoing Fluff Project.  Those mermaids are STILL waiting.  My goal is to send out three mermaids and three other toys (I'm thinking sea horses since they're fast to make).

I also have a doll to make for a swap (it's going to be a flying monkey).  Then there is the altered thrift store find for another swap.  I found some beanie style plush toys that are ripe for making over into some whimsical fuquerie.  I'm also in two Teesha Moore style patch swaps (one through swap bot, one independent).  And there are the wonky quilt blocks (that's an ongoing swap) and the fat quarter swaps (two different swaps that are ongoing).

SO. . .a lot going on.

But first, focus on the pouches.

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  1. What a good cause, and I think three handmade pouches is more than reasonable, especially stuffed with school supplies :)