Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swaps: What I've Received Lately

The bombing raid continues.  This second (of three) posts is to show off some items I've received lately.

I'm going to warn you, both of the items I'm about to show off are so freaking fabulous.  So brace yourself.

First up, the Damnit Doll I received.

Holy crap!  How damn cool is this doll!!!

Really, just take it all in for a second, I'll wait.

That FACE!!!!

I love every aspect of this doll.  It's made so well and it's so creative and I hope the things I make eventually get this great.  I really love the applique face.  You know I'm going to steal that technique and try it out on some of my own stuff.  And fleece?  Yeah, I know it's super versatile and this is helping win me over to it.  This doll is so squishy and huggable.

The body isn't fleece.  I'm not sure what kind of fabric it is but it's fabulous.  You can't see them for the poem but there are two little patches appliqued on the front of the body.  Too cute!

The hair?  Can we talk about what the heck that hair even is?  I think it's just strips of fleece run through a surger but I can't be for certain except to know I love it.

I could never abuse this doll.  I want to hug it and admire it.

Next up is the item I received from a private swap.  Remember that cat dotee I made a while back (right before my vacation)?  Well, I dropped out of that swap so I had the dotee up for grabs and I lamented on the swapbot boards about having to drop the swap and someone messaged me saying they'd love to have the stray kitty dotee.  So I set up the swap.  It was to be a crochet/knit item of the sender's choice in return for the kitty dotee.

I never expected THIS:

EEEEE!!!  Look how freaking adorable!!!  A flamingo wearing a scarf.  Knitted (I'm pretty sure that's knitted) JUST FOR ME!!!

Let that just soak in while I get a close up.

So damn cute!

The body has a big high bounce ball in it so technically Mr. Pinkerton (the name my partner gave him--on an adoption certificate, too!) does bounce but he goes all wonky when he does and I don't want him going all out of control and getting dirty.

Along with Mr. Pinkerton was an adoption certificate and some cards with fun flamingo facts.  It was really a fabulous package right down to the bubble mailer which was printed with fun sayings.

Yeah, I felt like my side of this swap was weak in comparison.  The kitty dotee was good but my partner pulled out all the stops.  I'd love to swap with her again so I can do the same.

Hell, I'd love to swap with either of these folks again.  They make great stuff which only serves to make me want to up my own game.


  1. OMG I am so jealous of that flamingo he's so freakin cute!

    1. Isn't he fabulous! I'm still so shocked at how great a swap that was (not that I was expecting crap or anything but this was so far above any expectations).

  2. OMG, I love your swaps. The Damnit Doll is awesome!

    1. Swap bot is a fun place. I'm so glad I found it so I have a small outlet for the stuff I make. I think it's helping me stay creative and improve my skills.