Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swap Received: Dotee w/two faces and Patriotic Dotee

Time to show off some more swaps I've received.

First up, for the Dotee with Two Faces swap:

How dang cute is this dotee?

First, lok at all the details. All the beads in the doll sides hair and the beading around the kitty's face.  And I'm in love with the kitty print fabric used on the kitty side.

I love when folks put such great attention to detail and effort into their dotess.  I'm not EXPECTING it, necessarily (since dotee dolls are supposed to be scrappy and made on a whim kind of things) but man, I love getting great dolls like this one and. . .

The dolls I received for the Patriotic dotee swap.

The picture doesn't do it justice.  The face is hand stitched and colored too.  And there is beading around the face and TWO tails.

This one also gave me a great idea for dotee hair.  Craft floss.  I accidentally bought a collection of craft floss before (I thought it was embroidery floss but you can't separate it) and now I have a great idea on how to use it. 

Both of these came from the same swapper (I forget the name now) but I hope they continue swapping on swap bot.  They are great to swap with.

So what else is going on lately?

Well, I finally started using the box of fabric to do some sewing (dinosaurs, RAWR) and I signed up for a series of Wonky 9 Patch quilt squares.  I'm loving them.

I'll have to get a few "in progress" pics of the dinosaurs.

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