Monday, June 10, 2013

Made for a Regretsy Swap

I love Regretsy based swaps.  It's a fun little community and it (usually) gives me a chance to make at least one little thing just for the sake of making.

This time around, I got to angel along with sending to my one partner.  So twice the chance to make stuff just 'cuz.

The first package had only one little handmade felt kitty (done as a tiger) and I didn't get a photo of it.  It turned out really well and I was happy with it.  Since that package was going international I didn't get a chance to whip up anything really big. Hey, I like swapping but I'm also cheap so I wanted to get the most fun stuff in the package as possible for the least cost.  So I went with a craft kit I had in my stash (my partner claimed to love all craft kits--this one was to make flamingos using pipe cleaners and beads), some little animals in a cute handmade (not by me) envelope, a bit of fun candy (Nintendo themed gummies), and some stickers.  I got it all packed up super tight and for under $20.  I WIN, post office.  In your FACE.

Then I got to angel and it was domestic shipping so I got a chance to really make something with some true size.  That partner was into seahorses and likes chartreuse so. . .

Eee!  A chartreuse argyle seahorse!  Love that I got to try my hand again with that free pattern.  This time I altered it a bit and added some little fins on the sides using some scrap fabric.  I wish I had some tulle.  I would love to make one with tulle fins along the back (there's instructions for that in the pattern).  I also want to make the largest version with the pocket for a mini baby.  I'll probably give that a try for the ongoing Fluff project (check out the button).

(sidebar:  Yeah, the Fluff for Foster Care charity dealie is going to be an ongoing project.  So now I have an outlet for any dolls/pillows/toys I want to make. No more worrying about "what the hell will I do with it once I make it?".  LOVE!)

The partner for the angel gift seemed to be a very practical soul, so I didn't want to send along too much random detritus/knick knacks.  But I figured one stuffed toy of modest size wasn't a big deal.  But one stuffed toy is not a good enough gift.  So along with it, I sent (directly from etsy) a bar of soap they had on their favorites page.  I would have preferred to get soap locally (we have a great soap place a few blocks from my house, Jay Designs, but Jay's doesn't have vegan soap and the etsy soap was vegan so best to ere on the side of caution.  I did find a cute lemon scented owl shaped soap at Wild Card but for only a buck or so more I could just get the etsy one and not have to worry about it melting in transit or it getting beat up by me).  So the soap was on it's way directly from the seller and I needed one more thing to go with the seahorse (and I still was itching to sew).

Enter, the dog bandanna.  This was another free pattern courtesy of Hopeful Threads (the blog where I find all my charity sewing ideas).  I didn't make any for the pet based charity sewing month because, to be quite honest, the larger sizes take too much fabric and I don't have a lot of yardage, mostly half yard and smaller cuts.  BUT, the dog I was making this for appeared to be small/medium sized so I could make the medium bandanna with some cute half yards I had in my collection.

BONUS, it's organic cotton which I think my swap partner will appreciate.  I've had this fabric in my hoard for quite a while.  It was bought back when I was obsessed with buying fabric under the thinking of "I need to get just a bit so I don't miss out".  Ahh, that fabulously expensive trap!  Most fabrics you can always find somewhere even long after they are not longer "new" OR just accept that some fabric will come and go and you won't have any.  That was a big deal for me to accept.

So, cute seahorse and reversible dog bandanna were combined with a cute handmade envelope (I buy all of mine at Wild Card, the cool card store in my 'hood) featuring shells (something my partner likes) and a cool shell I found on the beach while I was on vacation.

I hope both my swap partners like what they got.  The big reveal is Wednesday so we'll find out.  (I know I liked what I got--some cool thrift store finds and CANDY--candy is always good).


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    1. I'm so happy your dog likes bandanna. He looked so cute wearing it.