Thursday, June 27, 2013

FY14 Charity Challenge: Dinosaur Work in Progress

I've officially started FY14 Charity Challenge sewing.

I'm starting with batik dinosaurs.

I pulled all the batiks from the box and was able to cut out six dinosaurs from it all.  Oh, there's still a mess left but not enough to make a solid color/print dinosaur.  I'm toying with making a mismatched dinosaur just for the heck of it (maybe to give away) but I want to finish the good dinosaurs first.  I may just give away the leftover batiks as a scrap pack.

Ok, I have to admit this now (in case I haven't before).  I'm not a huge fan of batiks.  I appreciate them for what they are but they don't do anything for me.  So I'm not that excited about keeping the leftover batik scraps after I make the dinosaurs.  I have some batik fat quarters in my stash so if I ever do want to play with them again, I can.

As of this writing I have one dinosaur done and two more in the works (they just need closed, tails stuffed and attached and faces added).  Then I have three more ready for stitching.  I plan to finish the two tonight and maybe even get the last three stitched.  Stuffing takes a bit of time so I might not get to that tonight but maybe Friday.

Then I just have to decide if I want to put spikes on any/all of them.  I like them both ways, so maybe I'll put spikes on a few if I have felt in a good color.

The more I make this pattern, the more I like it.  It's great practice on sewing curves and pinning.  Lord knows I HATE pinning but it really does make the process easier and make for a better finished product.

I can't wait to have all of these done.

What's next on the sewing list?


But first I need to get a few swap things done.  I have two cloth bags to make and I think a few felt kitties (and some dotees for swap bot swaps).


  1. Oh they're so cute! And the batiks really work for dinos :) I'm not a batik fan either but I guess it does have it's uses?

    1. My big beef with batiks is the feel. It's just too crispy for my liking. I do like the swirly colors and the patterns. These batiks have roses and wheat and a lot of prints you don't notice until you've looked at the fabric a few times. THAT I like.