Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Swaps: Some dotee dolls I have received

I show off all the dotees I make but have yet to show off the ones I've received.

So here are a few pics.  These just happen to be the three I most recently received.  I plan to get pics of the other few I've received (including a pic of the full set of Oz dotees once that series is completed).  But for now, this will have to do.

Unique Holiday (Feb) dotee:  Umbrella day.  How stink'n cute is this dotee?  The doll is so itty bitty and vibrant and adorable but the umbrella really steals the show.  I LOVE that.  It's like a merging of the best of both worlds.  Classic dotee doll with crazy creative and wonderful accents.

This poor girl did lose a few of her hair beads in transit.  Instead of trying to re-attach them I'm going to try and use them in a future dotee.  I love recycling like that.

Check out this fancy pair trying to get in under Ms. Umbrella's parasol.

They're not really a pair.  They were two separate dotees for two different swaps.

Valentine dotee (for a group I'm in).  I was in two different valentines dotee swaps.  This one is what I received for the mailbox dotee I made.  (I'll show off the other one the next time I do a photo shoot).

I love how glam this one is.  Bedazzled like a super fancy valentines lady should be.  I also want to find some jewels like that.  I never knew such a thing existed.  I bought some gems that are similar but don't have holes to sew them on (you have to glue them and you know I'm not a huge fan of using glue on dotees I make).  I love the hand drawn face on this one, too.  So many folks make such great faces for their dotees, it's very inspriational.

Birthday dotee.  I had to pose this super fancy gal on a piece of paper so her awesome head of hair wouldn't blend into my wood table. 

I love her hair.  It's so wild and awesome.  I also love all the different elements in this doll.  The face looks to be molded clay (with glitter paint on the eyes!), the hair is some straw type stuff (not sure what it's called, I've seen it before though), the hair bow is like a pin or a broach or something like that (some big heavy item like that).  There's also a stick pin with glitz on it (in the top of the head).  Then there's the fancy heart/swirly medallion on the chest.  (there's also another medallion type embellishment on the back--I just didn't take a snap of it).  Then there's ribbon and lace and a tail that's not just beads on a string (like I make--I'm so lazy with tails!) but it's like a wee piece of jewelry!  Yeah, this one is SUPER fancy and I love her.

I'm planning to display all the dotees in my craft room but I have to get some more organizing done first.  So for now they're on a shelf in the craft room, just waiting to be strung together in a bunting or maybe hung on a wee christmas tree (ooh, one of those white trees or maybe a tinsel tree!).

It's so much fun to see what other folks make.  I love all the variety and having truly one of kind little works of art to show off!

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