Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For a swap: Hat Dotee

I finished this one up yesterday and I'm happy to report it was a smashing success!

Once again, it's for a dotee swap.  The theme was "hat".  So you had to have a hat in it somewhere.  Since I don't really care to make the classic dotee dolls, I had to think up something that was more than just a little doll wearing a hat.

So I made a bunny coming up out of a magician's top hat.

But it's more than JUST a bunny.

It's also a FINGER PUPPET!!

(ok, that picture makes me think naughty things--hey, I have a bit of a perverted mind).

You can put your finger up inside and make the bunny wiggle.  (Ok, that totally sounds perverted, don't try to deny it).

My original idea was much more complicated.  I thought there would be two layers of felt for the bottom, with the bunny attached to the inside piece.  But then I realized I didn't need two layers if I just used matching thread and made very small stitches.  Then I thought I would try to make the bunny hidden by making a layer of black (non-felt) fabric over the opening (where the bunny comes out) so the bunny could pop up out but that really wasn't needed once I saw the smallish size the finished product would be.  Basically the bunny determined the size and the bunny was smaller than I expected which was a good thing.

The bunny is made from the finger and finger tip of a stretch glove.  Just lop off a finger for the body then lop off a second finger tip (about a third of the way down).  Make a ball from the fingertip (stuff it and then use a running stitch to pull it close, drawstring style).  Attached the head ball to the tip of the body finger.  Attach felt ears and arms, stitch on the face and add whiskers.  OH, and add a wee pom pom tail.  No, you can't see it unless you peer down into the hat, but I just couldn't make a bunny without a cotton tail.

The bunny in the instructions (from the book "Happy Gloves") didn't have whiskers so I had to add those too.  So much cuter with whiskers.  I was tempted to add some pink to the inner ears and paw pads but then changed my mind.  To add them as embroidery I'd have to add a second layer of felt (to hide the ugly side of the stitching) and that would add to much bulk.  To add the details by gluing extra felt on just wouldn't look right.  That and I'm not a huge fan of glue and I didn't relish having to cut out wee little pieces then wrestle with them and a glue dipped toothpick (yes, I use toothpicks for gluing).

This dotee did use some glue.  There is a ribbon hat band (same ribbon as the hanger) around the hat. I glued that bad boy down.  It worked well just spreading a thin layer the length of the ribbon then sticking it on.  See, glue is a necessary evil sometimes.

The tail features some new beads I purchased just this weekend.  They're nothing fancy, just seed style beads with bigger holes.  (there I go again talking about holes!  I'm so perverted today!).  I like them a lot.  I was stunned when I got into the bead aisle at the Joanne Fabrics.  So much stuff but it was all way too fancy for my needs.  There was one bag of really rock/pottery looking beads that I almost bought but I decided to wait.  I'll try to use up my seed beads (both sizes) and the bubble beads I have before I go buying more stuff.

Oh, while I was at Joanne's I scored some cool fabric.  Yes, I'm trying not to buy any more fabric until I use up some of the hoard I have, but they had some Robert Kaufman christmas print (vintage looking kitties hanging in mittens) for 60% off.  How could I walk away form that?  And I got some Dia de los Muertos fabric, too (big name stuff--not just Joanne's brand--though J's brands are good, not knocking them) on sale, too.  I really love Dia de los Muertos prints.

For the record, I did get another big box of stuffing, too.  I need that to make another giant squid.

Look at me going off on a tangent!

This hat dotee is off to Canada.  I just mailed it today so now I get to be all impatient waiting for it to arrive.  For the record, I also sent a dotee to Sweden (the cake) and one to the UK (scarecrow).  I love sending stuff internationally, even if it can get kind of pricey (though I don't feel the prices are too crazy--but then again I never really knew the "old" prices so. . .).

Next up?

Unique Holiday Dotee (March).  I know the idea I want to do and have all the supplies so. . .here's hoping my sucess streak holds!

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