Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Act of Kindness!!

I was on the receiving end of a fabulous random act of kindness from Ali at alimakes.

Ali does something that I love.  She reviews her fabric purchases including scrap packs.  I love knowing what different store's packs are like and just looking at other folks fabric p0rn.  She recently did a review of a new scrap pack she bought and when I commented about a particular print she got, she offered to share it with me.

How is that for nice, huh?

But it gets even better.  She shared not only that print but a whole packs worth of other scraps with me.  It made my freaking DAY.

Yeah, she sent me all that for no reason other than she's a nice person.

Of course, I love all of it (including the crossword print which is what started this whole thing).

I cut into a bit of it last night.  I got 2.5 inchers from the strips, the panda, the guitars, and the text print in the first photo.  I squirelled away the leftovers of those prints and the larger pieces.  I just couldn't cut into the bigger stuff without thinking about it a bit to make sure I get the most projects I can from them!  The only piece I chopped up completely was the Happy Drawing print.  It was the only print in the set that I actually HAVE, but I'm hoarding all my Happy Drawing and Happy Drawing Too because I want to use it for its own quilt (so I won't have scraps from it for a good long while!).  So I was happy to have that scrap so the postage stamp quilt will be guaranteed to include it.  I fussy cut the hell out of that scrap and ended up with (if memory serves) about 6 squares for myself and one for my trade pile with only the bittiest bits left over (so small I had to let them go since they were super small and didn't have any cute pics left--just a bunch of animal legs!).

This bunch of fabric was such a welcome surprise and it proves that when you do nice things for others the universe will repay you (not to toot my own horn but I've been including some nice extras in my swaps lately, I even cut into my Star Trek fabric to share it with someone).

A big fat THANK YOU to Ali.  I'm so happy you will be a part of my very first quilt!

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