Tuesday, December 4, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Charming Travelers (US and Canada)


Guess what showed up at my door yesterday?

Some Charming Travelers.  It's a set of 56 5 inch charms that started with From Blank Pages and has been all over the US and Canada (ok, not quite all over Canada yet).  Want to see exactly where this (the blue pack) has been?  Check it out at the travel log on From Blank Pages.

When you win the charms, you can take as many as you want then replace them (the pack must have minimum 56 5 inch charms when it leaves you!).  Make sure you follow the golden rule and add back things that you think others would like and are of good quality.  You want the Travelers to be as nice for someone else as they were for you!

Rules for winning:

1.  Must be an active blogger (so you can have a giveaway to keep the Travelers moving).
2.  Must be willing/able to mail to US or Canada
3.  Must be willing to have fun!

(ok, that last one is optional.  I won't be able to tell if you "had fun" but the Charming Travelers are fun so approach it that way!)

So if you can meet those requirements then enter the giveaway (details about that after the pictures!).

Of course, before you decide to host the Travelers you need to check them out a bit more, right?


Here is what I took from the bundle (hee hee, have to tease you with what you can't have. . .I can be cruel like that!).

I'm not sure how many folks will be heart broken over missing out on some of the weirdos I snagged.  What?  You're not lining up and rioting to get that koala charm?  Or that feline tabloid charm (yes, it's like a cat tabloid with funny headlines--I grabbed that up without hesitation).

I took a total of ten charms, eight of which I consider "pairs" which I plan to use together (like the cat tabloid and paw prints--go great together!).  The two miscellaneous ones (that aren't really pairs) were the white with the blenders and the yellow with little puppies.  Yes, I could pair them but that would be odd and mildy disturbing.


Want to see what I added to the Charming Travelers?

(the colors are a bit washed out--you know how crappy the lighting is in my house!)

Top row:  flowery shaped polka dots on a beige-ish background, mottled purple/greens (kind of looks like a watercolor painting of a field of flowers), apple trees
Middle row:  storybook gals on purple, gray and white large chevron, pale yellow with verry feint tinge of green and swirls
Bottom row:  celery on yellow, gray with flowery design, ghosts (I love that fabric--I share it all the time)
And, last but not least:  SUSHI  (a charm from the leftover fabric I used to make Biggie Smalls, the giant squid)

I tried to add in colors/patterns that were lacking in the set and replenish the "weird" factor (I depleted it pretty well) and add a few that matched charms already in the set (like the apple trees go well with another apple fabric in the set).

Ok, I'm done yapping about the charms.  Time to get on to the giveaway rules.

1.  Leave a comment on this post.  If you need a prompt, tell me which charm you think is just TOO weird/ugly (from those pictured) that you would NEVER take.

2.  Random name will be drawn Tuesday December 11.

3.  Anonymous comments welcome but make sure you include an email address so you can be contacted. 

4.  Winner has 3 days to reply to "You Won" email.  If they don't reply, another winner will be drawn from existing entries.

Remember:  This is open to US and Canada residents.

One entry per person.

Good luck!



  1. I've been seeing this pop up around the blogosphere and it sounds SO fun! I'd love to participate! :)

  2. Oh! This looks like fun! I would definitely enjoy participating.

    The Koala and celery are perhaps ones that I normally wouldn't take but I am currently collecting squares for an I-Spy blanket so I would probably have taken those lol!

    I stumbled upon your blog by clicking on your name on one of the sew-mama-sew giveaway pages :) Off to look around.

  3. This looks fun! I recently started blogging so this would be a fun way to connect with other bloggers. It would be fun to take a few crazy pieces that I wouldn't normally buy. You never know when you need a bit of sushi or cat tabloids in your project! :)

    I have reply email enabled, so that should work and my log is sewwithaview.blogspot.com

  4. Please, please let it be me! I have tried to enter this so many times! LOL Personally I would never use the food ones, at least until I get around to an I-Spy quilt. Love the birdie one, chevron, dot one and gray one. :)

  5. I'd love to participate! I hate to be negative, but the koala print probably wouldn't float my boat, but I do love the blenders you got!

  6. This sounds like so much fun. Thanks for the chance to win.