Friday, December 7, 2012

For a Swap: Cutest Fat EVER.

Holy crap, last night I made the cutest thing.

First, a bit HELL YEAH to me for using fleece.  I'm not a fan of sewing with fleece.  I love the finished look (it's great for smushy stuffed toys) but I just don't like working with it.  It's too damn thick and I'm paranoid it will destroy my machine.  As it was my machine cried a little bit while working with it (mostly when I got to spots where multiple seams were being joined).  But all in all, it was a good fleece experience.

So, what on earth was I making with fleece?

Something GEEKY.

It's an adipose from Dr. Who.

Now I know just this side of NOTHING about Dr. Who.  But the person I'm swapping with listed it as a favorite so I was off to The Google.  I did know about the police box and some of the metal bad guys (the robots that look like upside down colanders) and that cute robot dog K9.  But I'd never seen the adipose before.  So when I found a free pattern and tutorial I had to make it (even if I'd have to use fleece).

OH, yeah, the pattern and tutorial are HERE.  I love that it was from livejournal (a blogging place I've been a part of for YEARS).

I had a fleece remnant from when I made the ham for the Easter Basket of Awesome (earlier this year), so there was no expense in making this little beastie.  And it only took about 2 hours start to finish (meaning cutting the pieces to sewing the stuffing opening shut).  I've been trying to time how long things take me so I can better estimate when folks ask for commissions.

More pics.

Cee-Lo hard at work.  (yeah, I started calling him Cee-Lo because they both have those little dinosaur arms--not merely because both are fat, I'd never mock someone merely for being fat, seeing as I'm beefy myself--though I do commit fat on fat crime).

STOP. . .I need to take a lunch break.

Get your eat on, Cee-Lo.  You're a growing fat cell, can't have you getting all deflated and dimply.

Is it a full mooon?

Oh, Cee-Lo, you naughty adipose you.  Showing us your good side, huh?

*shakes head*

You can sew them up but you can't take them out.

I really hope my swapee likes it.  Hell, I'm loving it and I know zippo about Dr. Who.  This sucker is CUTE.

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  1. We watch Dr Who, my husband says that's super cool so I'm sure they'll like it! (I had forgotten about that episode so I'm no help ;)