Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Kitty Up" : Progress Report

Oooh, the end is SO near with this painting and I'm so very excited.

Ok, here is the "before" pic:

And here is the "after" pic:

The changes are very subtle.  I did some more work on the eyes, gave Timothy a nose job and fiddled with darkening the black.

I have a good feeling next week will be my last go round with this painting.  I just have to fiddle with the eyes a bit more (making the green stitching pop more) and then lay in the whaling to get the look of corduroy.

Next week we'll have a model but I'm not sure I'll be doing that.  I'm not a huge fan of life drawing (because I SUCK at it) and I really want to start a new canvas.  I'm nearly 100% committed to the idea I have in mind (which should be a nice fast painting--famous last words there!).

Oh yeah, I'm so happy to see "Kitty Up" finished.  Here's hoping the whaling turns out well (it's really going to make Timothy pop!).

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