Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a Swap Christmas

I just joined Swap Bot and am about to send out my very first swap.  It's a christmas themed dealie specifically for newbies like me (who need to get their rating up so they will be welcomed into bigger swaps).

I'm also in an ornament and decoration swap (not through swap-bot) so I was in need of some cute ideas that were also easy.

So of course I ended up at Wild Olive.  Face it, her patterns are cute and easy and translate well from embroidery pattern to sewing patterns.  And don't you know, she had a whole ornament event a year or so ago so her archives are full of fabulous festive wonder like. . .

Eee, aren't they just too cute. 

Closup time!

(bah to crappy cellphone pics in my office--but I'm about to finish up the package these go with and mail it out and I forgot to take pics so I needed to document these cuties).

I did change it up a bit from Mollie's pattern.  For her version she just cut out two pieces for each color and sewed them togther with a running stitch and didn't stuff.  While that was fine for her, I like things a bit more puffy (and with less visible stitch lines) so whip stitched around the edges (trying to keep the stitches really close and just deep enough to hold the edges but not deep enough to really show) then stuffed them.  I also added a little plug at the end.

So now what was "just" an ornament (that's how Mollie was listing her version), mine can now be called a Dotee doll.  (yeah, that's something I just learned about via swap bot and I like he idea a ton--basically they're just little dolls made from scrap fabric/felt--most need to be 4-6 inches long, have a hanger and a tail).  By looping one end of the cord, I had a simple hanger.  And adding the plug on the other end gave it a tail.  Bippity boppity Dotee!

This is for my swap bot swap and my person likes Dotees and christmas so double duty, baby, yeah!

It's just a small low committment type swap but I still needed something else to round it out.  I had a few other ideas for stuff but time is really having its way with me right now.  Then I remember I had a GREAT item already done (in my "charity" bag).

I think I've shown this off before so. . .remember this?

Reversible drawnstring bag (cats on the "outside", sushi on the reverse).  And inside two week kitties.

I know I showed them off before.

Graham and. . .I can't decide what to call the black kitty.  Inky keeps coming to mind but I don't like how "cheap" that name is.  Ooh, black cat needs a black theme name (like "Cinder" or "Blacky").  But Inky really does sound cute (and poor Inky, she had to pose on the office cactus so I coudl try and get some decent lighting.  OUCH!).

I'm rounding the package out with stickers and a post card along with a notecard (with a note).  The swap says items should be wrapped but I really hate gift wrap (it seems so wasteful) so I'm considering the bag the wrapping.

I'll get this in the mail (most likely) tomorrow evening along with Biggie Smalls.  Yes, I'm finally mailing him off.  I can't wait to be rid of him.  Ooh, that sounds harsh but I don't mean it that way.  I'm just ready for the buyer to have him and not have to fret over him anymore.

Now I need to get together an ornament and decoration for another swap.  Then a pair of gingerbread dotees for another swap.  Then my regretsy swap.  Oh, and the phoenix commissions needs worked on.  And I still have to make stuff for christmas gifts. . .yeah, I'll be stitching a lot in the next few weeks.