Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Kitty Up" : Progress Report: DONE!!!


Time to celebrate all y'all.

Guess what's FINALLY done.

*happy dances*

Want to see it?   Ok!

I'm very pleased with it.  I'm tempted to fiddle with the corduroy texture a bit more but the rational side of me says "no, let it be".

It took nearly the whole class last night to get the whaling in.  I also touched up the eyes a bit and fiddle with the shadow at the right side of Mr. Roboto's head (lightened that area so it matched the space between Mr. Roboto's armpit and Timothy's head).

I'm VERY ready to start a new painting.  There is no class this coming Wednesday (holiday week) but we bought the extenstions classes so I'll have 2-3 classes this semester before the full Christmas break.  I could make some good progress on my new painting in that time.

I'm not going to reveal the new painting description yet, but I do have the name.  The new painting is "J+X".  I'll definitely be doing progress reports with it.

WOOT WOOT, another painting finished!!


  1. HAHAHAHA!! That is way awesome. :) Wait a minute - that's PAINTING and not fabric construction? Wow. . . bowl me over!

  2. Timothy looks like he's about to gallop out of the painting! You are so good!