Friday, July 8, 2016

Quilts for Pulse Blocks

After the Pulse nightclub massacre (side note, that was a hate crime not some terrorism b.s.  I get so miffed when the news tries to make it into a "ooh, big bad brown terrorists!" thing when it was just a straight up homegrown hate crime. .. ok, mini rant over) the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild put out a call for quilts/tops/blocks to make quilts for survivors, family members, first responders, and those affected.

Details HERE.

They wanted to keep a heart/rainbow theme and offer THIS pattern as a jumping off point for folks (they'll take any quilt/top/blocks that are heart/rainbow, though).  (they prefer the 10 inch size of that block)

Seeing how easy the block was AND that it could be made from scrap sizes of fabric, I was TOTALLY in.

I just mailed these 13 blocks out today.

You can get three of these blocks (the color part) from one FQ.  So there are three of each of these.  I did go and buy a bit of fabric for this project.  I don't have a lot of true white on white fabric (I have low volume but a lot of it is black on white or gray on white) and when I found a white heart on white background fabric at Equilter AND I got a $10 gift certificate for doing a survey I figured what the hell.  I only ended up paying 93 cents for a half yard of fabric.  Hell yes!  (and there was a 5 inch strip left that I can keep for me. .. yes, it always ends up being about me).

Used scraps for these three.  So I got one purple, two green, and one pink.  One of the greens has a different light fabric.  I didn't have enough of the two light fabrics I used (the heart print and this other print I bought to use in a cat themed quilt and/or have just to have some white on white fabric).  Again, I ended up still having a five inch strip left of the non-heart light fabric, which is perfect because the project I was thinking of using it for calls for five inch charms.  I love when things work out like that.

I only have one each of these.  The star fabric there just wasn't enough to make another block (which was a shame because that's sparkly and sparkly is the best) and the ostriches I didn't have enough of the heart/light fabric to make another (I have a bunch of that ostrich print because it's awesome).

Just had to enbiggen that there ostrich block to show it off a bit more.  I just love it!  You can see the heart print, too.  I think I have to get a bit more of that fabric the next time I shop.  See how easy this block was (the only tiny tricky bit is, if you're working with a directional print you have to pay attention that it's sewn on properly. .. but that applies pretty much any time you use a directional print) I kind of want to use it to make a cat themed quilt.  I already have a pattern to make a much larger heart (that's what I'm using to make my Pets on Quilts submission) but this would be cool, too.  And show off my funky cat fabrics a lot better since the heart uses more of each fabric (the other pattern uses 5 inch charms so each fabric has less space to pop).

That's what's up next, the Pets on Quilts submission.  I need to sash the blocks, get my backing fabric, and put it together.  Chop, chop.

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