Monday, April 11, 2016

Teesha Bag for a Swap

I can show this off now that it has safely arrived at its new home (I didn't want to accidentally spoil this one since it was a big project type swap).

For the swap we had to make a bag using TM style patches.

Just like there are different acceptable (for the folks I swap with) types of TM style patches (well, there are two basic types:  puffy "original" style that are more like the TM tutorials and flat style which are more like little mini quilts) there are also different acceptable ways to make bags.  The standard (more TM type way) is to sew patches edge to edge to make the bags.  The way I prefer is to apply patches to a stand alone (basic) bag.  I think I like that way better because it lets me show off the actual bag a bit and since the bags we make usually have themes, I can get some fun theme fabric to act as mortar between the patch bricks.

My theme was Minions.

That there is one MINION-tastic bag.  I used the Green Bag Lady bag tutorial (only a bit smaller) since it's a very easy bag but always turns out nicely and is sturdy (but I always make my straps a bit longer since I prefer a longer strap).

Let's get a closer look at those patches.

Cyclops minion.  CHECK.

Wild hair minon.  CHECK.

(I forget their actual names but I wasn't really trying to make "bob" or "carl"  I just wanted to have at least one cyclops and three different hair styles for the yellow ones and one purple one).

Since I was being all matchy, matchy with this bag (I wanted all the patches to have the banana border, to have two minion faces per side and two "little minion/banana" patches per side).

I knew I'd end up using the minion beads and the banana beads again for this bag.  I also realized that some of the beads are cyclops and some aren't.  Very cool discovery.

The "bead/banana" patches are fairly similar per side but a little bit different.  I only had so many fabrics to work with and since I was going matchy, matchy I was ok with similar.

Purple minion.  CHECK.

I made all the minion portraits from felt and for the purple one I took the metal bristle brush and scratched up the felt to make it fluffy.  It wasn't as wispy as I'd really like (ideally this hair would have been like the mega block purple minion I have that has the best fluffy purple hair EVER. . .ask my cats, they grabbed it and lost it under the entertainment center and I had a mega embarrassing childish fit over it. . .hey, we all have our moments, right?) but I like the slightly more controlled hair on this.  Ultimately it will probably be better if this bag gets used with any regularity.  (the hair is glued down but still fluffs out a bit).

Comb over minion.  CHECK.

I love this one a lot, too.  The hair is what I love.  So stupid simple, too (it's just a few embroidered stitches. . .none of these minions are that complicated to make, just felt and glue, a bit of embroidery for the hair, and sew on google eyes).

See, similar but a little different.  I had to add something to the minion bead ones so they wouldn't be so boring.  A spot of embroidery does the trick nicely.

I really like the minion jumping for the banana.  It's so cute.

The lining was the low volume fabric.  I really like that fabric.  I still have a little bit of it (I have a little bit of all the fabrics) but this one is my favorite.  It's subtle in its novelty-ness.  I look forward to working it into some low volume quilt projects (I'm really into low volume prints right now. . .I'm late to the trend but that's nothing new).

What is that little gray blur there at the top of that picture?

"Hey, that's my paw, mom!"

Yes, Gene, yes it was.  The minute I started moving things around on the table to take pictures you know a Feline Inspector had to show up to oversee.  It is their duty and they take it very seriously.

"I'll just hold this for you."

Oh, so helpful.  Thanks.

Gene does look ravishing in that pic, though.  My new phone does take nice pics (and the lighting was good for this one. . .it's hit or miss depending on how I'm holding the camera).

"Dude, I'm looking GOOD."

Yes, yes you are, brah.


  1. I must agree with you there....looking good! Hope we will see you in the Pets Show in August!

  2. I must agree with you there....looking good! Hope we will see you in the Pets Show in August!