Friday, April 29, 2016

For a swap: Clowing Around

WARNING:  This post contains CLOWNS.

Twisty offered to give Orangina a little hair cut.  Orangina looks he's ready to escape on his tiny bike!

These were made for a swapbot swap.  It was circus themed art dolls.

I used the same clown pattern I used previously (from the book Sock it to Me).  But this time I added arms made from the toe pieces.  The pattern calls for cutting off the heel and toe for each shorty sock, so I had enough leftovers to ame arms, no problem.

This is Twisty.  It wasn't until I started calling him that (because of his pretzel shirt) that I remembered Twisty from American Horror Story: Freak Show.  My Twisty isn't evil.  Just a little devious (and lives dangerously, he runs with scissors!).

This is Orangina.  He's quite proud of his flowing orange locks, so Twisty's "offer" to take a bit off the top was just not well received.  He can, and will, escape on his tiny bike if necessary.  (and my sister reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Krusty the clown rides on that tiny bike. . .hadn't even thought of that but damn, that episode is so funny!)

Their hair is wool roving, which worked like a charm.

Of course, Feline Inspector Number One had to get all up in my face when I was taking the pictures.  Then he tried to eat their hair, the dirty little wool sucker that he is.

What's up next?  I have a two swaps to work on (one is short/easy, the other is multi-tiered and should be really fun to do).  I'm also still doing Fluff sewing.  Need to take a weekend and just churn out some stuff.

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