Friday, March 25, 2016

Disney Alphabet Patches Revisited

Felt like showing off the whole Disney Alphabet patch series I just completed.

 A:  Am
 B:  Banzai
 C:  Cruella DeVille
 D:  Dumbo
 E:  Evinrude

 F:  Ferdinand
G: Goldfish (Fantasia)
 H:  Hippo (Fantasia)
 I:  Ice Fairies (Fantasia)
 J:  Jaffar
 K:  King Louie
 L:  Lumiere
 M:  Mickey Mouse
 N:  Nightmare Before Christmas
O:  Oogie Boogie
 P:  Pongo and Perdita
 Q:  Queen of Hearts
 R:  Roz
 S:  Stitch
 T:  Timon
 U:  Under the Sea
 V:  Violet
 W:  Walt Disney (initial)
 X:  'x' marks the spot on pirate treasure map
 Y:  Because we like you! (Mickey Mouse Club)
Z:  Zero

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