Thursday, March 24, 2016

Some patches n'at for swaps

First, the patches.

This was for the embroidered patch swap:

My swap partner is a fan of hedgies so this was an easy swap.  I used the Teenie Tiny Menagerie book for the images.

And the back:

I've been itching to use this scrap for a while.  It's a trimming from the Heidi Kenney tattooed dolls (I stitched up years ago).

Next is a random act of kindness patch.  The recipient noted she wanted an Eiffel Tower patch (and she also likes butterflies).

Of course my stash has Eiffel Tower fabric (I think I got some in a scrap pack, I know I didn't deliberately buy it).

And the back:

Heather Ross Tiger Lilly fabric.  I love that line so much (and bought a lot of it!).

Next was the last round of the Disney themed patches, WXYZ.

All together.  Some of them were on the large size.

Time to break it down!

I think I always knew I was going to do a "disney" W for this one.  It was easy.  Just used my good black fabric pen and embroidered around it (to add texture).  It's on natural muslin.  The polka dot fabric appeared in another patch (that might have gone to the same partner now that I think about it!).

For X I was stuck for a second but then I thought X marks the spot.  Make a treasure map as a nod to all the pirate themed stuff Disney has done.  I really like how this one came out.  It's kind of abstract but you can still tell what's going on.  From the ocean you cross the river and go through the mountains to the X.  Simple, right?

The back:

This reminded me of compass needles.  That and I was feeling lazy and it was in the scrap bin I keep at my work table (I didn't want to walk up to the third floor to my craft room to hunt something else. ..I'm so lazy).

Y stumped me for a bit, too.  This round had all the "bad" letters.  Then I remembered the Mickey Mouse club song (and, of course, it gave me a crazy ear worm).  M.I.C (see you real soon) K.E.Y (why? because we like you!).  Speaking of lazy, I didn't feel like doing all the hand embroidery for the Y so I "cheated" and got a patch from the craft store.  I scored it for a DIME from the clearance bin.

The back:

I used that fabric before, too.  But the same partner didn't get it again (I know I used this on the Stitch patch which didn't go to this person and, yes, I used this because it was in the bin near me and I didn't want to go upstairs to get something else).

Z was SUPER easy.  ZERO!

This patch is simple as hell (total cheater patch with buttons!) so I added some sparkly floss embroidery (the black) and some glow in the dark embroidery (hard to see in this pic but it's pink and randomly stitched onto the white stripes).  I also placed the stitches far apart so I could get the ripply effect (pull them tight and pucker up the fabric).

The back:

(that's not a very exciting fabric but I took the pic so what the hell, I'll show it)

Lastly was the Junker Jane style doll.

Funky bunny, y'all!

Coming to a nightmare near you!

The body is the sleeve from an angora sweater (bunny theme!).  The arms and muzzle are from a wool sweater (felted, naturally).  It's some of the last bits from the single ugliest sweater vest I have ever had the misfortune to not only see but be able to purchase for less than $2 (it was Italian, too. . .not that I'm saying that's why it was so fugly but COME ON, it was a sweater vest, first of all, and those colors?  Yeah, it was a hot mess that needed to become crafts).  The teeth are some funky beads I bought a while back because they looked like funky teeth.  Nose is a stuffed toy nose I scored at a junk store, button eyes are also vintage.  Whiskers are shiney floss.

"What's THIS!"

That is not for you.  Get down.


"WHAT?!  Where has this been all my life and when can everything I own be covered in it now that I know it exists!"

Get down!  That's not for you.


"What is. . .ooh, fuzzy like the Kyle doll you took from us.  You are such a mean mother, not letting me enjoy your Kyle doll.  Or that purple minion with the hair.  You threw such a fit when we lost that.  Totally not becoming of you.  Mmmm, so fuzzy. . ."



As is well documented, the Feline Inspectors were pleased with the fuzzy ends on the bunny's ears.   They also approved of the whiskers and the general tooth appeal of the felted sweater (Gene is a big fan of fuzzy wooly fabric. ..he tears up the best of the couch blankets because it's wooly. . .dirty wool sucker cat).  Their thorough inspection process landed the bunny a few trips on the floor and multiple rollings with the lint roller.  I couldn't turn my back for a second or they'd be on it.  This may be the first thing they both got super excited about.  The Ollie Memorial Quilt is a close second.

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