Monday, February 22, 2016

For a Swap: Mystery Fabric

Finished this up yesterday so I can get it out in the mail this week.

The swap was a mystery fabric swap.  We were given a swatch of fabric (about 7 inches square?  I didn't measure it but it was less than 10 inches but more than 5 inches).

I checked out my partner's pinterest page to get an idea of what I could make and found a really cute pin cushion.  

Pretty cute.

I used just about every thread of the mystery fabric for the doll's body.

That's a better shot of the print.  It was a nice one.  I added the ribbon tie.  It's not part of the pattern but it was an easy addition that looks very cute (just sew a bit of ribbon into the seam when you sew up the doll. . .super simple).

I used a red scrap for the babushka and felt scraps for the face.

Found a great vintage button for the knot on the scarf.

But my favorite part. . .

Briar Rose fabrics for the apron and the base.

My doll came out a bit stubby (I think I left too much space at the bottom when doing the running (aka drawstring) stitch.  So you can't see the scallops on the apron very well which makes me glad I didn't embellish it a ton (I was toying with adding some beads).

The pattern calls for a 2" washer for the base (to make it flat and give it a bit of weight) so I had to take a little walk to my neighborhood Busy Beaver to get that (and it cost a whopping 27 cents, so I got two just in case I wanted to double it up to make it heavier, though I didn't need to).

The pattern also calls for hot glueing the base to the bottom which I didn't want to do but I did and it worked well.  You really do need to glue it down to make it really stay put.  Stitching only wouldn't be strong enough.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out, especially that I didn't mess it up since there was NO mystery fabric to spare (and I didn't make a practice one because I didn't want to have to deal with having a random pin cushion afterward. . .it's a cute pincushion but I don't want one. . .I have a cute shoe pincushion and the classic tomato and strawberry cushions).

What's up next?  Well, I have a few swaps to work on but I really need to do some Fluff sewing.  I've cut out a ton of stuff and then let it all sit.  I'm also working on a heart quilt top (it's a free pattern through Fat Quarter Shop. . I think that's where it's from).  I got all the red/pinks cut for four blocks (they use 5" charms) and enough white/low volume for one block.  I *might* have to break down and get a bit more super low volume prints.  I want all the background on this top to be super low volume.

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