Thursday, February 18, 2016

For a swap: Disney Patches T, U, and V

Just mailed these out today so time to show them off while I have a minute.

The Disney patch swap is winding down.  This is the second to the last round.

T, U, and V!

T is for Timon.

I knew from the very beginning of this swap series that T would be Timon.  I did him with crayon tinting and embroidery.

U is for Under the Sea.  Yes, that earworm of a song from The Little Mermaid.  I thought about doing Ursula the sea witch but that would have meant another crayon tinted patch (most likely) and I wasn't into doing a full set of crayon tinted patches.  The fish on the right has a bit of a derpy Flounder face, too, so it worked well.  I used ric rac and some eyelash yarn to make the seaweed.  The background fabric is this great hand dyed (or maybe it just really looks hand dyed) fabric I got in one of my many scrap pack purchases.

V is for Violet (from The Incredibles).

I hemmed and hawed on this patch.  At first I was thinking I'd do a generic "villains" patch with some representational images of different villains.  I was going to try and avoid any villains I already did, so I was thinking about having an eye with a scar over it (Scar), some tentacles (Ursula), or maybe some wild hair (Hades).  But it just wasn't working for me so I went with the "easier" choice of Violet.

She's crayon tinted (no embroidery) and I put a piece of plastic over the top of the patch to make it look like she's putting up a force field.  I deliberately avoided putting embroidery on it because I wanted the whole patch to have a warped look to it (to add to the force field look).  (the plastic is cut from the packaging on my new ironing board cover. . .a cover I haven't yet put on my board because I am lazy).

And the backs of the whole set.

Of course I picked through my stash to find matchy-matchy fabrics and I pulled it off pretty well.  Bugs for Timon ("ooh, the little cream filled ones"), a mermaid for Under the Sea, and violet color for Violet (I put the stripes vertically to mimic her straight hair).

I think my partner will like them.  I've sent so many patches to her for this round it's CRAZY.  I wonder what she'll do with them?

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