Friday, October 30, 2015

For a swap: OTT Halloween/Fall theme

I love OTT swaps (that's one tiny thing).  You have to make one item that's 4 inches or smaller based on the theme.

Since it's Halloween season, I had to do a Halloween OTT.

Wooo-oooh!  Haunted graveyard!

I love this silly little thing (even though the fake turf has a smell to it, like tires but not overpowering)

Felt tombstones with embroidered RIP, lightly stuffed and sewn (by hand) to the fake grass.  I was surprised (and pleased) the grass was so easy to sew through.

Two tiny ghosts haunting the place.  They aren't attached (and I almost lost them while I was making this. . .and of course the cats were all about this project between that fake grass and wee little felt things, Gene was convinced this was for him, as all things should be).

The lawn is 4 inches square and the tombstones are around 1 inch high.  I machine stitched (with a zig zag) the grass to a piece of soft green fabric from my stash.  It's plushie-ish fabric that I've used for things before.  I just didn't want the ugly back of the grass showing (along with my stitches) and I thought the backing might help stabilize the grass where I had cut it.  It was fraying a tiny bit (and leaving rubbery crumbs).

If I would have thought about it a bit more (I got this one done last minute even though I had the idea for a good week or so) I would have gotten an old coaster or some cork for the backing and just hot glued the cork to the grass.  A backing really is a must to help the grass lay super flat.  It was a small roll I got in the dollar zone at Target and this is the first chance I've had to use it.  I think I might need to make a TM style patch with some of it now that I know what it's like to work with.  I think if I sewed it to the batting first, then attached embellishments through the grass/batting combo it would be plenty sturdy (not a lot of crumbs).

I also made an itty bitty (2 inches) ghost for another swap but forgot to get a pic of it. It wasn't super fancy but it was cute.  I love tiny plushies.

What's up next?  I have three Disney theme patches to churn out this weekend and then (finally) finish up some Fluff Project items.  I only have one more crab to close up and one more chameleon.  Then it's just attach legs to the chameleons and add their mouths/nostrils.  If my calculations are correct, the chameleons and crabs should have me all caught up so all I need to produce is my quota for December (5 items).  WOOT!

Speaking of charity sewing, I want to make a few things for the Mirabel Foundation.  I've heard of them before but they're in Australia so the cost of shipping something to them was just prohibitive.  BUT, Spoonflower is acting as a collection point for them (they are stateside) so I should be able to put together a few things to send to them.  Ooh, maybe I should double dip and make some bacon and eggs (and get tutorial pics while I do it).  Hey, hey, hey, that's a great idea.

Time to get sewing!

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