Thursday, October 8, 2015

For a swap: Merit Badge

This is going out in the mail tomorrow.

(and how duhr am I, I have to email my pics to myself from my phone and I was wondering why this email didn't arrive and it's because I sent it to my friend.  DUH!)

Ok, pic or it didn't happen.

It's another merit badge swap (this pic is so bad. . .lord, I just keep failing!).

My swap partner is a fan of Orange is the New Black so I decided to use a great quote from Red (one of my favorite characters).

It's true.  You can't do shit with "I"m sorry".

I love making these badges.  They're quick and turn out so well.

This one turned out even better than the last because I drew a "stitch to" line just inside the raw edge so I could keep the edge stitches more even.  The lettering stitches are a little wonky in places (the 't' in can't is kind of bad) but over all I like the look.  It does look like my printing (which shows me I have lousy penmanship!  so much for all those remedial writing classes I had to do in elementary school.  Come to think about those, I just realized what that really was.  It was trying to force me to write with my right hand, not my left.  Damn, elementary school effed up my chances at being ambidextrous.  So I'm working on that now.  I've been practicing printing with my left hand and I was surprised to see it's not as hard as I thought and pretty legible, too.  It's just weird to write and have your hand rub over the writing.  I thought I would have had more problem remembering to make the letter in the right direction, but my brain is totally ok on making things in the correct direction using my left hand.  SEE, I was meant to be a lefty.  Not surprised, my dad is a lefty)

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