Monday, August 3, 2015

Patches for a swap

Got a few more patches made for some swaps.

First up, the singleton for the Patch with a Pocket swap

Hee hee, it's the Lorax coming up out of a tree stump!

The stump is just a free hand drawing cut out from felt with a bit o' embroidered bark.

The grass is crinkled paper (upcycling, yo!).

The Lorax himself is just hand embroidery around the image (against a batting scrap).  Nothing fancy at all.

Next up is a set of three itty bitty patches:

Hmm, that picture is a bit blurry.  No problem, I always show off set individually, too.

Little fishy with some embroidery and beading.

Funky flowers with a bit of embroidery and beading.  (that fabric just doesn't read well on the photo, making it blurry)

Toadstool house with a bit of embroidery (no beading).  Beading and embroidery were on my mind when I did these.  The biggest of the set (the funky flowers) is about 2.5 inches.  The others are smaller.  So embroidery and beading were about all that could be put on them without them being overwhelmed.

What else am I up to?  Well, I have more patches to make (that Disney series is still going on) and I'm finishing up July/August Fluff toys along with a pair of other stuffies for swaps.  I think I'll have a closing ceremonies party tonight and close up all the stuffies (so. . .much. . .ladderstitch!).  AND, I want to get my quilt done for the Pets on Quilts show (coming up in a few weeks).  I have it all figured out so I just need to do some cutting and sewing and then I can assemble the quilt (which means cleaning off the junk on my dining room table. . boo!).  OH, and I haven't forgotten about the bacon and eggs stuffie tutorial.  I just want to get some other things done first.

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