Thursday, August 6, 2015

For swap: Two stuffies

Two stuffie swaps out the door!

First up was a swap for an animal stuffie in a wild color.

Watermelon guinea pig!

It's a Dolls and Daydreams pattern I've used before for the Fluff Project

Happy coincidence, the ears ended up having green on the backs and pink inside.

Ice cream tummy!

Next up was a swap for a mythical creature stuffie.

Alien mermaid, y'all!

I couldn't decide if I wanted to make a mermaid (since I was already using this Blue Whimsy pattern to make mermaids for the Fluff Project) or something different.  So I just made an alien.

Just free-hand cut out some eyes and put a pair of french knots for nostrils and one stitch for a mouth and you got yourself an alien.

What else am I up to?  Well, I'm finishing up the last of my Fluff Project contributions for August (I think it's for July and August, I have to check on that) and then I'm going to get my quilt done for the Pets on Quilts show.  And I have a few more swaps to do and then start on the next Fluff Project contribution (have my idea all picked out, it should be good!).

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  1. Who can resist an ice cream tummy! Oh my gosh JL, I LOVE your fun and crazy fabric choices and your way with these little stuffies! I just might borrow your ice cream tummy idea!