Thursday, August 20, 2015

For a Swap: Two Patches

This pair of patches are for two different swaps.  One is a cat themed swap and the other is just the regular monthly patch swap.

I had some decent sized scraps after cutting this fabric (which I love) for the backing on the Ollie Memorial Quilt.  So I decided to double dip a bit and make two similar patches.  They weren't going to the same person (one is going to the Netherlands and the other to Australia) so why not.

I cut up the scraps and sewed the images back together to make a little four patch block that I then quilted (still had the walking foot on my machine!) to the batting and backing fabric.

I really love the funky eye beads I put on this one.  And the flower on the white cat.  But I love this fabric so much it hardly needed any embellishment.

Just a pair of pompoms and a fish on this one.

I was tempted to add more embellishment like some embroidery and all that but I realized I just wanted the fabric to shine for these.

I'm super thrilled that I could use the selvage as the best part of the embellishment.  Its selvages like this one that make me understand why folks save selvages.  I don't normally but this one was just too cute.  I wasn't sure what I'd ever use it for and then low and behold I used it right away.  I don't normally have much selvages to save, either.  I get a lot of fat quarters or smaller cuts and sometimes the cute part of the selvage isn't on the fabric I get.

I'm going to buy up some more of this print.  I like it that much.  I found it at this little online store that focuses on cat fabrics.  They have the blenders that go with it, too.  I'm trying not to buy just to hoard but I'm making a big ass exception for this fabric (it's called Prisma Cats by Moda and it's the cat's meow for sure).

What else am I up to?  I have a set of Disney theme patches in the works and the "guilty pleasure" swap.  Of course, I had one idea for the guilty pleasure swap and then it seemed kind of overly simple and just weak and now I have a new idea and if I don't make it I'll be pissed (just got a pattern for the base part, so I'm totally committed to this idea).

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