Thursday, March 19, 2015

Patches for swaps: Two random and two Suess themed

Patches, patches, patches.

That random one and the one below are for the same monthly swap.  I made them in the fluffy style (which is considered the "true" teesha moore style) and just did random stuff with them.

The one above there was just some practice with free motion quilting.

This one started out random (well, I wanted to play with reverse applique) but then it morphed into a wacky face.

I blame the curly cue I free motion quilted in the top corner.  That made me think of a face (along with the netting along the right side--aka the hair).

It's creepy and kind of weird and I really like how it turned out.  I think it's really very much in the spirit of teesha moore patches.

The next pair were a themed swap.  Dr. Suess.

I happened to have some neutral Suess fabric in my stash (got it in a FQ swap at least a year ago).  So I just embellished that fabric.

I was in a bead mood so I went with that theme.  I didn't intend this to be a heart but after I played with it it just became a kind of heart.

It needed a bit more, so I added some elephant sequins and a bit of beaded fringe along the top.  There's also some random embroidery coming out of some of the trunks (and on some of the flag poles).

That's the back.  I bought this fabric (just a 1/4 yard) specifically for this swap thinking I'd fussy cut and fuse some of the images to make a patch but then I didn't want to.  I wanted to use the elephant fabric (which was my first idea).

Ok, this next one is one of the most fun things I've ever made (and I really like it).

Yes, those are truffula trees complete with wool roving fluffy tops.

Gaze in wonderment at my crazy creativity (and modesty!).

The trunks are just a zig zag stitch (on a short stitch length) twice over (so go over the line twice).  then I added the stripes with fabric pen.  SO FREAKING EASY and it looks pretty damn good.

The tops are bits of wool roving.  I pulled off a tuft and then fold/rolled it up on itself to make a loose ball (leaving one end free).  I sewed the loose ball to the patch and then folded the loose end/tuft over the stitching to hide it.  Little spot of glue and it kept the tufts down.  (though re-gluing might be necessary once it's received since the glue was just on the fibers so couldn't make a super tight bond--it seemed to hold really well on a few but one of them looked like it wanted to pull up).

I didn't want to actually needle felt them because I didn't want the poke marks showing on the tuft.  I could have probably gotten away with felting the ball part (that I stitched down) because it wouldn't be visible but (honesty alert) I was too lazy to go up to my craft room to get my needles so I didn't.  (so. lazy.)

The back.  Lorax fabric, of course.

Ok, I have a few more things to bomb with today (I think--maybe I'l wait until tomorrow, I have to check my pics and see what I've shown off already).

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